Balance between Energy intake and Energy expenditure

How to lose weight. Body economy

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If an economy stagnates, it dies the same as your body The flow of money is critical to an economy, and the flow of energy is critical for the body. You must invest (spend) energy to free it up. Lock up the energy by staying at home, and you lock it inside. It literally can’t be spent. With an economy …

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Keys to weight loss: Smarter Goals

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I’ve done a lot of soul-searching recently, wondering about what I’ve achieved and what hasn’t worked out. One thing that stands out to me is that I’ve really embraced the principle of Smarter goals. As I’ve matured, I’ve simply focused more and more on the principles of smarter goals in a sub-conscious way. Over time, it’s become clearer to me …

The top five unexpected costs which could catch you out this year

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I read an article titled “The top five unexpected costs which could catch you out this year”, which made some simple but crucial points that aren’t obvious to everyone. A lack of savings  This is the biggest reason people make rash decisions, like getting sudden loans. It’s also a large reason many companies fail. Some unexpected cost occurs and you …

Why walking is good for you

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I like to think of walking as comparing it to the stock in a soup. By this I mean that it seems such a simple almost unimportant aspect of movement yet walking is the foundation of human movement because you have to learn to walk before you can learn to run or jump. It is also the most convenient form …

The men who made us fat

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I’m watching the second episode of “The Men Who Made Us Fat” by the BBC. I’m impressed. I’m used to seeing these kinds of programmes. I’ve heard most of it before, but I like the way it’s put together. I think it’s really nailing the point that we’re eating much more than we used to and that portion sizes have …

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Calorie and nutrient intake over time

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I’ve noticed for many years that physical activity is a great way to maintain or lose weight because by being active you get to add to your life. It’s a positive thing. Many people instantly tell me they don’t like being active but I quickly and consistently find things they like doing that are active that they didn’t realise could …

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Confessions of a foodaholic

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It just occurred to me some common differences between larger people and thinner people. They’re just things that I’ve noticed but never really tested so they might be complete bull. But they give a little insight into how best the larger people might keep weight off by understanding themselves better. This isn’t the only explanation. There are a hundred different …

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Could losing weight be made easier by just taking longer to eat and enjoying every mouthful?

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Could losing weight be made easier by just taking longer to eat. Savouring every mouthful and enjoying what you are eating. This allows you to eat what you want and makes you enjoy things more. I’ve been doing this for a while and I’ve just found that I enjoy both the food and the process of eating so much more now. the …

Constant stress and weight problems?

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I do wonder whether constant stress and weight problems are related. Basically is it possible that constant stress may lower your metabolism and make you prone to adding weight? I’ve met many a person who doesn’t really eat too much; in fact, they’re too busy to eat much at all. Yet they always complain of their waste line expanding. How …

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Training your intake: Intermittent Fasting

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I’ve been reading a little about intermittent fasting from the Modern Forager site. It’s fascinating me. I’m reminded that every so often I actually feel absolutely stuffed, but I haven’t been overeating. It often feels like my body just needs a rest from eating or something, which is weird because I’m kind of an eating machine when I want to …

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What factors make us kick the bucket?

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I hear so much about what risk factors there are to make us die sooner and all the things we should do or not do but because I like to research both sides of the story I always find things that contradict each other. I’m coming round to the view that the overall risk really depends on where we are …