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Could losing weight be made easier by just taking longer to eat and enjoying every mouthful?

Could losing weight be made easier by just taking longer to eat. Savouring every mouthful and enjoying what you are eating. This allows you to eat what you want and makes you enjoy things more.

I’ve been doing this for a while and I’ve just found that I enjoy both the food and the process of eating so much more now. the main advantage is that you really don’t have to change what you eat. Or atleast I didn’t. in fact I found it easier to have all the things that I apparently shouldn’t like cakes and pies and roast dinners.

I just see it as being about quality over quantity. I’ve changed my approach to food to be about the best quality, taste, texture and combinations that make me enjoy the entire experience and I’ve moved away from shovelling in as much as I possibly can until I feel full.

At least this way eating has become a pass time in iself rather than a way to stop feeling hungry. That means I have more things to enjoy in life and look forward to and less things to try not to do as in I don’t worry about the calories in my meals because I take so much longer to eat them, focussing on each mouthful that I can’t consume as many calories as I used to. I’m also satisfied that the meals and diet is much more balanced because I’m having a very wide range of foods and not too much of anything.

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