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Learn how you work

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Every day I am glad that I have learnt how I work Fit2Thrive Life is about making the best of it with what you have but do you really know what you have and what to do with it? This is the question I started this journey with because I realised a simple truth many years ago. We are human …

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What is Homeostasis?

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Life is hard and it takes a tremendous toll on you yet your body automatically heals itself day after day. Over your lifetime it will adjust to the demands made on it in all sorts of ways. It will get stronger or faster or be able to move for longer depending on what is asked of it. What is amazing …

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Problems of regulation

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Problems with regulation and the diseases they cause The beauty is that moving around fixes this because it forces cells to regulate themselves properly and on a larger scale forces the body to manage itself properly. I added this short article in a rush to build on later as I wanted to make the point that movement forces out bodies …

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Being more active improves your ability to prevent damage and recover

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The overwhelming feeling I get when reviewing all I’ve learned about the benefits of exercise is that the most important benefit you get is the ability to recover from any risk you take or damage or injury you incur. Take this tweet Kimberly Stein, PhD ‏@kimwhitestein  11 hrs FFA transporters move to the plasma membrane during endurance exercise to bring more fat …

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Nutrition: A problem of supply and demand

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A core concept to understand in maximising health is that our bodies are constantly managing supply and demand. We have evolved to expect continual change and be ready for both the best and the worst which requires the ability to predict future demand. This is as true for energy as it is for other nutrients like vitamins and minerals. All nutrients are …

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Hormesis, disease resistance, aging and activity

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There is growing evidence that our own immune systems are key to many of the common illnesses of western society. They’re even implicated in the aging process itself. An overactive immune system is starting to be considered a problem in itself and thus finding the right balance is becoming key. When working at a gym I found the healthiest people …

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Calorie and nutrient intake over time

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I’ve noticed for many years that physical activity is a great way to maintain or lose weight because by being active you get to add to your life. It’s a positive thing. Many people instantly tell me they don’t like being active but I quickly and consistently find things they like doing that are active that they didn’t realise could …

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Confessions of a foodaholic

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It just occurred to me some common differences between larger people and thinner people. They’re just things that I’ve noticed but never really tested so they might be complete bull. But they give a little insight into how best the larger people might keep weight off by understanding themselves better. This isn’t the only explanation. There are a hundred different …

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Feast and Famine: Is that what our bodies expect?

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I was in the Open University library a couple of weeks back. I had the urge to pop down the human biology section and see what caught my eye. I know I shouldn’t admit to that because it’s far too sad, but that’s how much this stuff fascinates me. Anyway I picked up a book named ‘Human Biology and Health: …

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Are there 3 angles to being healthy and fighting the ageing process?

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just thought I’d post this to stimulate discussion and see what others think. I’m fascinated by the question ‘What makes us age?’. I hear the biological answer that each cell has a telomere which shortens as a cell divides. Ultimately each cell is only allowed to divide a certain number of times until it dies. The thing is that doesn’t actually explain …