Developing a Growth Mindset with Carol Dweck

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If you have not heard of Carol Dwecks work on the Growth mindset then you are missing out. I learnt about the Growth mindset in my teens and I have been using it every since in just about every success I have ever had. The principle is simple and in fact so is the implementation which is why it is …

Bruce lee quote "be water, my friend"

Bruce Lee shares how to find inner peace: Be water, my friend

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I was lucky many years ago that a friend introduced me to the teachings of Bruce Lee of martial arts fame. Hi martial arts success is not my focus as I am more interested in what he was able to do, particularly the speed and control he achieved but also the wide ranging philosophic teachings he had learnt and applied. …

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A good night of sleep is like hosing down your filthy brain

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Why animals sleep remains one of the enduring mysteries of biology, but new research suggests the primary reason might be to allow cerebrospinal fluid to wash all the gunk out from between your brain cells. Read more The researchers interpretation is that this is literally a cleaning process after a busy day. I would wonder if it’s also a restocking …

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A message for life

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My philosophy is that ‘The way you think defines what you achieve‘. By that I mean that your philosophy determines the decisions you make to any given situation and thus the outcomes you can expect. It is through these decisions that you define the life and accomplishments that you end up with. Of course there are other factors but I …

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The way you think defines what you will achieve

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This phrase has defined my life because I have always noticed that those who succeed think differently than those who don’t. It has been a clear pattern I notice in those top in their profession too in that the way they think gets them to the top. In the making of an expert I see a wonderful example of how experts are …

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How to live my dream?

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This article is a continuation of the process I’m going through of achieving my dreams. Some parts of this process I want to share on blogger partly as a record and partly as a way of getting support and advice. The essence is that I’m spending these years learning more about how to live the dream I want in a …

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Danny Rodrigues – Impossible is Nothing

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Wow. I just saw a video that covers all I talk about and believe. Just do it. If it’s not possible then you won’t do it but you’ll never regret trying. I found out about it at which has a good background and discussion. The video is below

TED Talks Dr. Dean Ornish: Your genes are not your fate

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This talk is a god send for me because it links genetics, what we’re born with, to lifestyle, what we do with what we’ve got, and makes some positive points. I like to push the idea of having fun while being healthy. The idea that we all enjoying doing healthy things we just don’t all know what healthy things we …

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Maintain your strengths to live long and prosper

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Ok, anyone who reads my blog knows that I have a load of theories and ideas. Well here’s another one to try out and see if it floats or sinks. I’ve mentioned before in the article ‘What makes us kick the bucket’ that it’s possible that our bodies simply keep going until something happens that interrupts the normal processes of life and …

couple elderly man old

Does retirement mean retiring your body?

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Ok, here’s another one. Where is it in our ~DNA that say’s when we’re past 50 we just can’t do what we used to do? I’m serious. I haven’t found one scientific article or even one person that I’ve met in the gym or elsewhere that proves to me that our DNA first of all knows how old we are …

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What factors make us kick the bucket?

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I hear so much about what risk factors there are to make us die sooner and all the things we should do or not do but because I like to research both sides of the story I always find things that contradict each other. I’m coming round to the view that the overall risk really depends on where we are …