Why walking is good for you

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I like to think of walking as comparing it to the stock in a soup. By this I mean that it seems such a simple almost unimportant aspect of movement yet walking is the foundation of human movement because you have to learn to walk before you can learn to run or jump.

It is also the most convenient form of getting around because it is so easy. There are so many situations where running and other forms of movement will not work but walking is so often the most convenient choice.

Whether it is socialising with friends or getting to a meeting or just shopping, walking is a natural choice but running or anything else can be inconvenient.

So walking is the stock to our soup of life because soup without stock is ok but with stock it has life and depth. In the same way that when I travel through my own city or others I enjoy it by car, bus or train but when I walk through it I really feel and experience what it is likely from the smells and sounds to the general human feeling of being somewhere.

So while we all know walking is good for us it turns out that most people do not walk much and do not realise just how much they enjoy it. So this post gives you many ideas to help you ex[;pre and find how walking can work for you and make your life that bit better.

5 benefits of walking.

This is a simple video explaining good reasons to walk. Something I have done for so long and something I benefit from all the time. Includes research papers. 

Neuroscience and the benefits of walking

Fantastic talk on the benefits of walking. I have an article on it several books and I love it. 

This talk is going into the real differences and benefits of walking. Perfect for a series on walking.

Further references

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