Developing a Growth Mindset with Carol Dweck

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If you have not heard of Carol Dwecks work on the Growth mindset then you are missing out. I learnt about the Growth mindset in my teens and I have been using it every since in just about every success I have ever had. The principle is simple and in fact so is the implementation which is why it is …

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Why health is made at home and hospitals are for repairs

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I just listened to a fascinating podcast episode called A Health-Creating Society. I’m shopping for new podcasts right now because while I love those I already have I like balance and different view points. The key take away resonates so clearly with all I have learnt over the years that I just had to share. health is made at home, hospitals …

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Being more active improves your ability to prevent damage and recover

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The overwhelming feeling I get when reviewing all I’ve learned about the benefits of exercise is that the most important benefit you get is the ability to recover from any risk you take or damage or injury you incur. Take this tweet Kimberly Stein, PhD ‏@kimwhitestein  11 hrs FFA transporters move to the plasma membrane during endurance exercise to bring more fat …

Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

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The early years foundation stage (EYFS) framework provides a basis for the school curriculum. It’s what the school system hopes to build on. So getting the best out of it ensures the best start for school and so on. Development Matters in the  Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a PDF explaining the key aspects of the EYFS. I believe sport is an education and sport is preparation …

Classroom Game Design: Paul Andersen at TEDxBozeman

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A fascinating talk treading the path I want to see. Applying the concepts of good games to learning design and teaching in the classroom. Paul is even handed in his discussion presenting what worked and what didn’t but remembering that he must learn and evolve as much as his students. He provides the playground and games but they need to …

Doping: Cilic

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The case of Cilic highlights the question. How does a professional tennis player feed himself and take and required supplements without falling foul of doping violations? The fact that Cilic instantly accepted his ban and worked openly with authorities helped his case but I had to wonder how a pro actually manages to travel the world often to lands they …

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It’s not about the talent, it’s about the opportunity

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In the article  Legacy of son’s success motivation for Judy Murray Judy points out that despite her sons incredible success Scotland has yet to take advantage of the major opportunity this presents. Building the sport in Scotland and improving the nations health and life opportunities as a result. She says: I want to help inspire another generation of kids, I want …

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Transfer of learning: How I get more done with less effort

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During A level PE I learnt about the concept of transfer of learning. The principle that once you have learnt a skill in one area it is easier to learn it in another. Footballers use this concept to play well with both feet. Once they learn to play with their dominant foot they find it easier to learn with their …

What is #PEChat

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#pechat is a place talk about anything related to physical education. Here is a simple video giving more detail. The concept was started by and there is have a PEChat page on the site providing all the details you need to get involved from dates of the next chat to details of previous chats.

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Learning is Innate: How the changing world can help you adapt better

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My view is that learning is innate and the changing world can improve education. What this means for competition is exciting. I see ways to vastly improve the process of understanding your opponent even before you have met them. Moving competition to a whole new realm. I’ll introduce my ideas for an ideal education experience later. Here I just wanted …

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Learning is innate. How the changing world can help education

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The evolution of learning is a fascinating topic. Learning is my strength because I was brought up to think that learning is innate and every challenge is surmountable. In fact learning is never really changing, only the tools and processes we use to learn will change. The education industry has been struggling to figure out how these new tools can …

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Book review: The Talent Code

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A fascinating book that sheds new light on how neural connections form I’ve just finished reading ‘The Talent Code ‘ by Daniel Coyle and already I feel it’s one of those books I will refer to again and again. It’s a well researched book describing daniels theory of how talent is best progressed. He uses research from state of the art …

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Learning on demand (LOD)

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Following on from a previous article on 21st century learning I feel we’re moving to an area where learning on demand will be as normal as Video on demand (VOD). I see the emergence of 24-7 tutorials and motuto as early attempts at this. I can’t vouch for the quality and economic viability yet but I do see that the learning market is biased towards young …

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Can amazing abilities be taught?

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I’ve been talking for a while how everything we see other people achieving we could actually achieve ourselves. We just need to learn to bring it out of us. A couple of weeks ago I ate at a restaurant and the waitress showed exactly what I’m talking about. There were four of us and we had a lot to order. …

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Neural Darwinism: is this how we learn?

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I’m excited to have just discovered Neural Darwinism through an interview with Gerald Edelman on all in the mind. The idea that our brain constantly adapts to our environment using the same evolutionary principles described by Darwin is what I’ve been coming to believe. It’s clear that we create and remove connections every day during sleep and that our brains are constantly evolving from the …

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Funding education: A novel approach

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funding is one of those key things that underpin learning and teaching. In funding education, a novel approach I explain how you could use the latest payment approaches to fund new learning tools. Rather than apply for big grants and go through the related bureaucracy. In this age of empowerment you could just deliver a tool and provide cheap simple options to …