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Hi, I’m Colin, and I’ve spent my life learning how to achieve maximum health while living the life I want to live. That means combining happiness and health, and I call it Fit2Thrive.

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This site is basically about holistic health. From the nutrients you are made of to the environment you compete in. The trouble is the size and complexity this covers so I’m exploring how to break it down and make it manageable and achievable. Knowing yourself better is a perfect summary of what I am trying to facilitate.

The underlying culture of health and fitness is designed to convince you that you and your body are weak and need help for optimal health through pills and expensive machines and trainers but the truth is that you are inherently strong and you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

The trouble is simply that the information that tells you how to do this is lost in all the myths and gossip. Though if you know where to look then the puzzle of health begins to unravel right in front of you.

I have used my health and fitness training and experience as my background and my sedentary jobs as my challenge and developed the Fit2Thrive methodology. Something that is easy to apply at work, at home or anywhere else to build health and fitness right into your day no matter what you are doing.


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