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Confessions of a foodaholic

It just occurred to me some common differences between larger people and thinner people. They’re just things that I’ve noticed but never really tested so they might be complete bull. But they give a little insight into how best the larger people might keep weight off by understanding themselves better. This isn’t the only explanation. There are a hundred different reasons why someone becomes large. This could just be one of them.

What I’m wondering is whether thinner people view food on a take it or leave it basis. The majority of those I’m thinking of never really binge on food. They know when they’re full and stop eating. The larger people don’t really worry about feeling full. Often they stop, but often they don’t.Ok, sounds pretty cliche already doesn’t it. All I’m really saying is that those with a potential to be larger have a different relationship to food. Some, like myself would consider themselves addicted. So many people wonder what I have to worry about, “you’re not fat” they say. Sure I’m lucky. I’m not big now but when I don’t play tennis every day. Or walk miles on end I have a real potential to balloon.

Why? Because I love food. If it’s sitting there on the kitchen counter. Or worse, next to me on the coffee table or something I’ll eat it. ‘Why not?’ I say. I’l just walk it off later. Problem being I spend so long walking off my snacks I don’t always get round to walking off breakfast, lunch or dinner. They just find some cosy spot on my belly to hide it out. It’s only when this has gone on for a few weeks or months and a whole family of meals have found their nice little spot on my belly, or maybe under my arms where it’s maybe cooler or something That’s when the weight really gangs up on me and has its effect.

Problem being. By this point my whole way of life has adjusted to having this little extra bit of food. Something to munch while watching a little tv. Something at my desk. You can see how it adds up. You can also see the relationship I have with food. I love it and it loves me. It’s.a real pleasure to me and it’s what I associate with fun. Good food.

I feel that those who don’t have trouble keeping their weight down just have a different relationship with food. They don’t see it as a close friend that’s there at all the important moments good or bad. A celebratory dinner or consolation meal. A few sweet biscuits to cheer me up on a crappy day. Lighter people cheer themslves up in other ways. They go for a walk to invigorate themselves. Or as Chris Tarrant would say ‘Phone a friend’. Probably the same stuff everyone does but they don’t need to bring food along. It doesn’t need to be invited to the party.

So in all I’m saying many of us are addicted to food, and being told to ignore such a faithful friend just feels wrong to us. It’s just never going to make us happy. So we struggle with the idea that to be thin we must forego one of our biggest pleasures. To drop one of our most loyal friends. In then end we just can’t do it.

That’s why I’m always active. The more active I am the more I can eat. Cool, I can invite my friends; chocolate biscuit and sugary drink round, even have a sleep over. No probs. I can even take them with me on walks. Sure I still put a little weight on every so often. I’m addicted so I’m gonna slip up every so often. Atleast now I can still eat most of what I want, most of the time. That’s what being active gives me.

What I’ve noticed so often in modern society and slimming jargon. Activity is out infavour of calorie restriction. I’m sorry but that surely encourages people to just feel tired all the time and spend more time in front of the tv not moving. When you aren’t eating much you often feel crappy. Particularly try too hard. Then you find activity difficult. The problem comes when you’ve lost the weight and go back to your normal life. You eat like you used to but don’t get back jnto the activity.

You see, eating is a driven by hunger and boredom, activity isn’t. So you carry on watching the shows you’ve gotten into since you started your diet and lounge around. There’s nothing getting you off your backside. Besides you’re too tired anyway.

The funny thing is I normally feel less tired when I’m regularly active. It just sorts my body out for me. So in the end I wish we’d all get more support for being active. Particularly those who are addicted to food. ‘Let them eat cake’ are the famous words and in this situation I’ve found that letting myself eat cake without eating too much, learning my limits and generating calorie loss through activity, learning how to lose weight and get things done. I wish this were promoted more because it allows people to accept themselves for who they are. Food addicts, and helps them with practical ways to manage their addiction. So essentially I’ma a fatty in a thin body . That could be my new blog name.


So just to recap I was saying that if you want to be in control of your weight you need to understand and accept why you gained it in the first place. You must also never blame yourself. You are who you are. If you’re addicted to food it’s really hard to manage this because we have to eat to live. No one has to smoke to live or gamble so you could argue that they aren’t reminded every day about their addiction. Us food addicts are. Three times a day for most of us. That requires a lot of will power because food is so cheap, readily available and tempting.

So the only way I’ve learnt how to deal with it is to build food pleasures into my daily life. Where possible every meal or snack is a celebration of food. I don’t have too much each meal. – don’t invite too many food friends to the party cos I won’t get time to chat to them all. I just keep varying who I invite to each meal so I keep up with all these friends. Then, to keep the analogy going I also like some alone time. I do skip a meal every so often. Not anything major. Merely to keep my hunger in check and regain my balance. All to make sure I’m not partying too hard. So now it feels like I’m partying with food all the time I often get tired of the constant change. I want a break from it. So when I don’t feel hungry, I listen to my body and take a break.

So I’m living a whole different way and loving it. Let’s see how it continues.

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