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Theory explained

The theory section is about understanding the human being as a whole. How it works, what it is capable of and how to take care of it.

A lot of people are really intimidated by the insane complexity of trying to understand a human being but if you learn the basic concepts first you can understand enough to stop being overwhelmed and see the general way that your nature works.

This is why I put a lot of effort into simplifying these incredibly difficult and interconnected topics because I want to raise the bar in how we all treat ourselves by getting everyone to learn about how they work.

Fit2Thrive also shares in one place so many of the teachings and insights I wish had been available to me at the start of my journey. These are the insights that brought everything together and helped me see through the data and theories to the underlying truth. The aim is to save you the time I spent doing all the research.

So in the whole of the site, you only need to understand that every article is in some way linked to recovering your balance (Homeostasis) from what happened just now or a while ago. Everything starts to make sense once you know that.

The main idea is that all the subsequent topics come under the general principle of finding balance. They are all relevant in their own way and time but the core focus has always been time, how do I live well each day and not carry over any recovery debt to the next day?

Lifestyle intro Form (#5)


I have categorised my writings and research into several topics that go into more specific detail. Each topic considers a human being from a particular perspective and draws on a wide variety of disciplines to fully explore the topic.

I have also ordered the topics according to core and more advanced topics.

Optimising health at the scale of an organism as complicated as a human being requires an understanding of these core topics:

  • Balance: All life exists by maintaining its internal environment against internal and external pressures. A lifestyle that heals is one that puts balance first by living in ways that promote the natural balancing mechanisms we all possess. View all
  • Cells:  It is easy to underestimate how much each cell does for us. Our cells originally survived on their own and still have much of the complicated machinery for life. They maintain a separate internal environment than their surroundings and tightly control what goes in or out. They also work with the trillions of other cells which requires complicated mechanisms to orchestrate well. View all
  • Pressure: explores the pressure of all the competing demands on your time and resources. View all

A more advanced understanding of health comes from much wider study and lasts a lifetime. The topics covered so far include: