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Cholesterol gets a lot of bad publicity but the truth is that it is an essential part of all cells and so it is no real surprise that it is abundant in the human body. The prevailing theory is that cholesterol is the cause of modern diseases but how strong is the evidence to support this theory? and what, if anything …

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How exercise improves Heart Disease risk

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The article challenges the standard explanation that high cholesterol levels are the main cause of heart disease. The author discusses alternative theories involving factors such as stress, inefficient healing and lack of rest, notably deep sleep as potential contributors. The author concludes that heart disease likely has multiple causes. Furthermore, cholesterol should be considered as a part of the body’s healing process rather than being the main cause of heart diseases. Overall, the author encourages a healthier lifestyle to prevent heart diseases.

Why walking is good for you

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I like to think of walking as comparing it to the stock in a soup. By this I mean that it seems such a simple almost unimportant aspect of movement yet walking is the foundation of human movement because you have to learn to walk before you can learn to run or jump. It is also the most convenient form …

Group A Streptococcus (GAS), Streptococcus pyogenes bacteria, which were atop the surface of a human white blood cell (WBC), known as a neutrophil. Original image sourced from US Government department: Public Health Image Library, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Under US law this image is copyright free, please credit the government department whenever you can”.

How white blood cells are transported could explain heart disease

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The article Nanoparticles cause cancer cells to die and stop spreading is a fascinating explanation of a very exciting discovery but I got even more out of it. I love it when I take something from an article that wasn’t quite what it intended. What I found was a key insight into circulatory function and how red and white blood cells differ in …

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How exercise combats Heart Disease, Insulin Resistance and Diabetes

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Introduction It may surprise you to learn that getting fit won’t just help you lose much weight. It’ll help you do something far more important because it will help keep you alive and just as important it’ll help you thrive. It is now becoming clear that the major diseases in the west are diseases of our lifestyles and our daily …

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Blood pressure and salt: A question of balance

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Here’s a fascinating insight. High Blood pressure could relate to your ability to balance the salt level in your body. That’s the advice from Marc Pelletier discussing research on blood pressure on episode 103 of Dr Kiki’s science hour podcast . Marc explains that his research indicates that high blood pressure could be a problem of salt balance and water …

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Saturated fat: Why all the fuss?

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I’m just finishing a text book I forgot to finish a year or so back and got to the chapter on heart disease. It reminded me why I get a little frustrated with current nutritional and health advice and why I think the public gets so confused and follows so many fashions. In my view it’s because so much of …

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Feast and Famine: Is that what our bodies expect?

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I was in the Open University library a couple of weeks back. I had the urge to pop down the human biology section and see what caught my eye. I know I shouldn’t admit to that because it’s far too sad, but that’s how much this stuff fascinates me. Anyway I picked up a book named ‘Human Biology and Health: …

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Can you reverse insulin resistance

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I read an article Insulin resistance and pre diabetes and just had to report the findings of the major study they refer to. ‘lifestyle changes reduced the risk of diabetes by 58 percent’ The main recommendation is to be active and eat well. I just wanted to make the point that insulin resistance can be reversed. They also found that many people with …

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What factors make us kick the bucket?

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I hear so much about what risk factors there are to make us die sooner and all the things we should do or not do but because I like to research both sides of the story I always find things that contradict each other. I’m coming round to the view that the overall risk really depends on where we are …

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A different view on cholesterol

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I bet you think the debate about cholesterol and its damaging effect on health is settled. Interestingly it isn’t. It’s actually really interesting to hear the other side of the story, that cholesterol may not be as bad as it’s made out to be. In fact it may simply be a scapegoat in a much greater debate. I love reading …

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Why are trans-fats so bad?

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The answer is very simple really. Trans-fats get a bad name because they are linked to the increased rates of coronary heart disease and many related risk factors. Coronary heart disease is caused at a basic level by the pipes of the bodies blood transport system, the arteries, veins and capillaries becoming less elastic, and more prone to blockages as …