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Low Back Pain

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I find Dr Mike Evans presentations excellent. Back problems often come when the infrastructure of the back doesn’t work as it should. This happens for many reasons and the fix is generally to do with getting the whole system to work in a coordinated fashion again. Mikes video is an excellent thorough intro that gives you the clear details you …

Is the quality of energy supply crucial to the effects of Parkinsons and related heart failure.?

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Following on from the finding that the ability of your brain to harness energy could explain age related mental decline? there is similar evidence that problems with energy provision could be a factor in  Parkinson’s disease and heart failure. Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis investigating mouse and fruit fly hearts, found that a protein known as mitofusin …

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Treatment Options for Rotator Cuff Injuries by Tennis Conditioning

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If you want to know how to prevent injuries to your shoulder it’s worth understanding how it works. The Rotator Cuff is basically your shoulder joint. It’s more complicated than that but we’re talking about moving the bones around your shoulder joint using the muscles, ligaments and tendons that connect to these bones. The talk is Treatment Options for Rotator Cuff Injuries …

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The stress of life: a modern complaint?

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In The stress of life: a modern complaint? the Lancet takes a look at the implications of over work and over worry. The report notes that Late 19th-century doctors and their patients also believed that stress could generate or exacerbate physical illness. Clinicians sometimes explained the development of cancer, diabetes, and thyroid disease, or the appearance and severity of influenza, in …

Dealing with stomach pains from dehydration

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A problem with eating certain types of foods is pain in my stomach during or particularly after intense exercise or any other time I get dehydrated. It is a key reason why eating while or before moving can be bad for you Fibre and dehydration causes pain I’ve noticed it most when I eat a bran, high fibre, type breakfast …

Finding a good online physiotherapist

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On quest I have had over the years is to find online physiotherapy centres. You would think that there is someone who is doing for physiotherapy what essential tennis and other sites do for tennis. You email photos and videos. and get analysis either from experts or a community. Seems like a no brainer in this day and age doesn’t it. Well …

Injuries: How to treat Tennis Elbow

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Thankfully this isn’t something I’ve suffered from, mainly because I learnt early on how to fix it. However in searching for help with my tennis injuries I keep coming across this advice. It’s interesting to me because it considers one of the many contentious issues I’ve found in injury recovery theory. Ice is it helpful. It’s useful to compare these …

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What I am learning from my injuries

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I am active therefore I get injured. That’s probably the best way to think about it. So injury is part of life and something I need to learn about and overcome. To that end I have started to document what I have learned from my injuries The other posts focus on specifically treating that injury including: wrist sprain, ankle sprain, toe …

Sports Injuries: An introduction

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This year for me has been about injuries, their treating, rehabilitation and prevention. Thankfully I’m pretty much healed and now on the road back to full fitness but I couldn’t help but wish there were more simple and clear tools and advice out there to help prevent these injuries in the first place. So I thought I’d start my own …

Wrist Tendonitis

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Unfortunately this month is about dealing with wrist tendonitis. I think it’s down to my technique and general game play. So I need to find a way to first repair it, then ensure it doesn’t happen again.  I tried ice therapy. Can’t say it improved the recovery that much. But either way the injury has felt pretty much healed a …

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Rehabilitating a sprained ankle

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So I sprained my ankle quite badly way back on August 10th this year. I’ve sprained my ankles a ton of times before and recovered fine so I know the rehab drill. A bunch of years had passed since my last sprain so I thought I’d check out how the advice had improved. Unfortunately it hadn’t improved much at all.  …

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By pushing ourselves too hard do we cause irreparable harm?

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A common cause of irreparable cell damage seems to be when it’s pushed too far. When a cell is pushed a little beyond it’s limits it grows stronger when allowed to recover. Yet push them really far beyond their limits and there seems a threshold above which many cells sustain damage they can’t fix. This was implied in my previous …

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Can you train your skin to resist sun damage?

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I Just had an urge to understand Melanoma the most dangerous form of skin cancer. Not sure why just seemed like a good idea. Partly because I’ve been wondering what new developments there are in our knowledge and what trends are associated with this kind of cancer. I’m glad I checked it out. Turns out that it’s intermittent exposure to the sun that’s …

Quick 101 on injury from muscle imbalance

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In this short article I’ll show how the action of throwing a punch taxes your chest and back muscles in different ways and how this is involved in the development of injuries and how therefore to help prevent them. The action of throwing a punch is a very similar action to others used in sports and has similar effects for …

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What factors make us kick the bucket?

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I hear so much about what risk factors there are to make us die sooner and all the things we should do or not do but because I like to research both sides of the story I always find things that contradict each other. I’m coming round to the view that the overall risk really depends on where we are …