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Are home schooled children leaner than traditionally schooled kids?

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I saw the article Home schooled children leaner than traditionally schooled kids and just had to share and keep it. It is just one study but it’s an important consideration. The impact of school on socialisation and health. The study makes clear these results came before the latest health standards were implemented at school but also makes clear the dependence you …

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Hypertension, sodium and activity. Any relation?

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So, something just struck me. No… nothing physically hit me 🙂 I just heard something about blood pressure that linked a bunch of information into one. I’m not sure if this is a new insight so I’m logging it here for future reference. The first thing was reading that increased potassium in the diet is associated with a lowering in …

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On the origin of life: An energy cycle

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I’ve had this idea floating in my head for weeks now. So I’m finally getting round to putting down into words. I’m excited to finally express it but I hope I do it justice. Here goes. We’re all aware of the theory of evolution. It makes perfect sense to me how pressure for resources has lead to so much diversity in …

A slow mind may nurture more creative ideas

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I just came across this post ‘A slow mind may nurture more creative ideas‘ from the new scientist and thought they’ve got something I couldn’t just tweet. I needed a more permanent record. It’s about new research investigating mental proceses and creativity. What’s striking is the level of detail that can now be achieved with modern techniques. They can actually …

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In a world of abundance it’s our time that’s scarce

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I’ve been reading so much recently about how new business models are being created around the idea of previously scarce things such as tv and music becoming abundant. So where once it was easy to charge for access to scarce content it’s impossible to charge for content that’s abundant. The market won’t support it. It makes every one wonder what …

The thymus gland. Prevent disease improve life and longevity

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I saw a statistic on a web feed showing reasons for death. Most things on the list can be linked to infections and disease. So could the ability to fight disease determine life length and quality? Should we focus on improving natural immunisation and use the thymus properly while young. Or consider  keeping the thymus large by training it. Taking this further I just saw an …

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Evolution among us

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To explain the things happening around us I like to learn from history. I feel so many lessons of past ages can still be applied today and tomorrow if you yake the time to apply them properly. What older lesson is there than that of evolution. It’s always applied to the context of biology and how we have arrived at …

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Living a healthy life. It’s survival of the fittest

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I’ve spent my life learning how to balance lifestyle with health. Everything I learn points to being active on a mental, physical and spiritual level. The activity forces you to grow. The lack of it leaves you to decay.I’ve been struggling with the common assumption that health comes from what you eat not what you do. It’s the message you …

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Basic movement patterns

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It’s just occurred to me that I may have a way of expressing my view that there are basic movement patterns to each sport and activity. Consequently by learning these basic patterns we’d find all sports and activities easier and achieve higher skill levels sooner. That’s obviously a big ask but I got inspired whilst watching a bruce lee dvd …

Human powered gym

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Listening to an npr podcast about the human power movement I had the vision of a gym room where the lighting, audio and video are powered by harvesting the energy generting from the exercisers themselves.Just thought it would be cool if the bikes, treadmills and other machines actually fed generators which provide the rooms power. Just thought it would be …

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By pushing ourselves too hard do we cause irreparable harm?

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A common cause of irreparable cell damage seems to be when it’s pushed too far. When a cell is pushed a little beyond it’s limits it grows stronger when allowed to recover. Yet push them really far beyond their limits and there seems a threshold above which many cells sustain damage they can’t fix. This was implied in my previous …