Balance between Energy intake and Energy expenditure

How to lose weight. Body economy

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If an economy stagnates, it dies the same as your body The flow of money is critical to an economy, and the flow of energy is critical for the body. You must invest (spend) energy to free it up. Lock up the energy by staying at home, and you lock it inside. It literally can’t be spent. With an economy …

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Are home schooled children leaner than traditionally schooled kids?

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I saw the article Home schooled children leaner than traditionally schooled kids and just had to share and keep it. It is just one study but it’s an important consideration. The impact of school on socialisation and health. The study makes clear these results came before the latest health standards were implemented at school but also makes clear the dependence you …

Why walking is good for you

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I like to think of walking as comparing it to the stock in a soup. By this I mean that it seems such a simple almost unimportant aspect of movement yet walking is the foundation of human movement because you have to learn to walk before you can learn to run or jump. It is also the most convenient form …

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Managing Diabetes through Physical Activity

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At university, I learnt how much exercise can do for Diabetes, particularly Type II. Since then I have spent a lot of time researching further to really understand the topic. It just sounds too good to be true. The great thing is that all the evidence backs up what I learnt. Since then I’ve been searching for the best way …

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How can you lose weight and be happy?

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I’m planning a series of articles on weight loss tips and weight loss resources. Something I’ve been researching for years. There is so much to say but of course so much has already been said. That’s why I thought I would start with something that seems to get forgotten. Happiness. Why are you trying to lose weight and particularly what …

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Obesity: What you can do

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Why is obesity prevalent now compared to 100 years ago or 1,000? and why is it also prevalent in the western developed nations but not less developed ones? The answer to these questions is wonderfully short and simple. Where obesity is prevalent two things have changed and completely disrupted the normal balancing act that the pre-existing cultures and lifestyles depended …

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Exercise alters metabolism in minutes

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Exercise has an impact on your health within minutes. That is the insight I take from a New York Times piece explaining how exercise changes fat and muscle cells.It is in interesting piece exploring the extra detail we are now gaining about just how exercise affects muscle and fat cells. Of course that mostly means extra detail about something we …

Obesity: Cell energy 101

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How do humans store and use energy? One of my friends just asked me to explain the obesity situation in terms of how humans store energy. Why is fat such a problem?  Good question. My reply is below. It’s a short introduction on energy and how humans use it. I’ve kept it very brief on purpose. Just explaining enough to …

The men who made us fat

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I’m watching the second episode of “The Men Who Made Us Fat” by the BBC. I’m impressed. I’m used to seeing these kinds of programmes. I’ve heard most of it before, but I like the way it’s put together. I think it’s really nailing the point that we’re eating much more than we used to and that portion sizes have …

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Hunger tips

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Part of making food fun is banishing hunger. When I’m celebrating, say at Christmas, I want to eat what I want. No restrictions. Then after in the new year and other times I still want to enjoy food but eat less of it and restore the balance to my weight. Sounds simple but, if you’ve actually tried it, you’ll know …