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Weight Loss: Losing weight is like paying off a loan: part two

In part one, I introduced the idea that excess weight is energy loaned to you, representing a debt you have to pay off. You could learn from your experiences of paying off other loans and debts. The question is, what works for you? You are who you are, so you need to work with what you have.

I can already see some interesting insights coming out of this analysis but I, and I expect you, don’t have the time to fully explore them now. What I wanted to explore is the mindset that works for you in paying off debts. My experience tells me that I must live my life while paying my debts. If I focus too hard on paying my debts and stop having a life, then I’m not happy.

Being unhappy for too long is its own problem and a form of debt. If I’m happy, I can put up with the challenges of debt, even over years and decades. So finding ways to be happy while I pay my debts is where I should put most of my effort. It’s a challenge with a real worthwhile end—something that is motivating in itself because the result is a smile on my face and more laughter throughout the day.

This, in essence, is my roundabout way of considering weight loss plans and approaches. I’m not a fan at all of the fanatical diet and trying to lose the weight of an elephant in two minutes. I’d rather feel that I enjoyed putting the weight on, so I’m damn well going to enjoy losing it. I’ll definitely learn something while I lose the weight, That way I won’t fear gaining it next time. I will be in charge.

Seeing the weight as a debt may help you transfer your learning from dealing with financial debts to dealing with energy debts and weight loss. It will also remind you that you probably do well at things you enjoy primarily because you want to do them, and so you do them regularly, maybe over the years. So, you may also notice that regular payments are the best way to pay off long-term debts. Having fun in between ensures you keep up the payments, no matter how hard they are to deliver.

I hope this helps in some way. Let me know what you think. Is debt a good metaphor? it feels right.

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