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Training your intake: Intermittent Fasting

I’ve been reading a little about intermittent fasting from the Modern Forager site. It’s fascinating me. I’m reminded that every so often I actually feel absolutely stuffed, but I haven’t been overeating. It often feels like my body just needs a rest from eating or something, which is weird because I’m kind of an eating machine when I want to be.

Anyway, I’m still learning about the concept of intermittent fasting, and what really struck me is the idea that it’s kind of like training your body to deal with the resources you give it properly. This means learning not to waste the calories and nutrients you give it. I’ve always felt that humans seem to need so much food compared to what they actually do. We just seem wasteful.

It makes sense to me that with the lives we live these days with abundant food everywhere, regular meals full of quality food. It’s funny to say it but this isn’t necessarily what nature intended. Sounds crazy doesn’t it. ell it’s all just speculation at the moment but it opens another interesting door.

When we train our bodies to run marathons, all we’re doing is telling them that they need to find a way to be a lot more efficient with the energy available for a long time. Our bodies know how to do this, they just need a push. That’s where the training comes in. The same goes for getting strong. We lift heavy weights so our bodies know we want them to be strong. So they adjust. partly by adding more muscle fibres but also by making the nerves in the muscles work better so they can all work together.

When it comes to nutrition, we generally focus on getting regular meals. Always giving our bodies what we need. This intermittent fasting sounds like a way to train your body to make better use of the resources you give it rather than continually expecting new resources.

A fascinating idea. I’m really interested in how it pans out.

Edit: January 5 2014
5 years later and I used intermittent fasting every so often to reset my metabolism. I find it quite useful. This christmas it was perfect for enjoying the holiday season and restoring balance when needed

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