Balance between Energy intake and Energy expenditure

How to lose weight. Body economy

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If an economy stagnates, it dies the same as your body The flow of money is critical to an economy, and the flow of energy is critical for the body. You must invest (spend) energy to free it up. Lock up the energy by staying at home, and you lock it inside. It literally can’t be spent. With an economy …

How Non-Conformists Move the World: Adam Grant

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I love TED talks and I had the pleasure today of reliving some special talks I watched by Adam Grant several years ago. Adam is an organisational psychologist studying what he calls “originals”: thinkers who dream up new ideas and take action to put them into the world. The surprising habits of original thinkers His first talk gives a summary …

Labeled Eukaryotic cell, nucleus and organelles and plasma membrane - 3d illustration

Online biology courseware

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When I grew up course books were physical things that you either had on your bookshelf or found at the library but these days you get to have these amazing resources right there in your browser. Courseware Fit2Thrive can get very technical so to help you understand the biology here are some references to online biology courseware for reference. They …

Radiant Connections Visualizing the Interplay of Human Energies and human body and color fully background and art man

How do you model metabolism?

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The whole reason I got into software development was to improve the way in which biology is researched, understood and presented. I have always wanted better ways to explore the subject and understand how the whole complicated system works. This article is an attempt to plan, develop and deliver on that vision. It is not a complete or organised article …

Why having fun is good for your health

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Enjoyment is so important because research shows time and again that people who achieve their goals and stick at things when the going gets tough, find a way to enjoy the process. By doing this they focus less on the end goal and more on the steps toward it as they learn to enjoy the process of doing what is …

Curious woman looking through a magnifying glass

Learn how you work

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Every day I am glad that I have learnt how I work Fit2Thrive Life is about making the best of it with what you have but do you really know what you have and what to do with it? This is the question I started this journey with because I realised a simple truth many years ago. We are human …

Internal structure of an animal cell, 3d rendering. Section view.

What is Homeostasis?

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Life is hard and it takes a tremendous toll on you yet your body automatically heals itself day after day. Over your lifetime it will adjust to the demands made on it in all sorts of ways. It will get stronger or faster or be able to move for longer depending on what is asked of it. What is amazing …

Cornwall holiday 2023: Preparation

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Introduction We have just come back from a wonderful holiday in the lovely village of Porthcurno at the very tip of Cornwall just a couple of miles from Lands End the most westerly point of England. We had a fantastic time and in the same spirit as my series on our Weymouth holiday I want to share some of the …