Why having fun is good for your health

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Enjoyment is so important because research shows time and again that people who achieve their goals and stick at things when the going gets tough, find a way to enjoy the process. By doing this they focus less on the end goal and more on the steps toward it as they learn to enjoy the process of doing what is …

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Learn how you work

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Every day I am glad that I have learnt how I work Fit2Thrive Life is about making the best of it with what you have but do you really know what you have and what to do with it? This is the question I started this journey with because I realised a simple truth many years ago. We are human …

Internal structure of an animal cell, 3d rendering. Section view.

What is Homeostasis?

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Life is hard and it takes a tremendous toll on you yet your body automatically heals itself day after day. Over your lifetime it will adjust to the demands made on it in all sorts of ways. It will get stronger or faster or be able to move for longer depending on what is asked of it. What is amazing …

Cornwall holiday 2023: Preparation

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Introduction We have just come back from a wonderful holiday in the lovely village of Porthcurno at the very tip of Cornwall just a couple of miles from Lands End the most westerly point of England. We had a fantastic time and in the same spirit as my series on our Weymouth holiday I want to share some of the …

Creativity thrives on what the brain fears most | Beau Lotto | Big Think

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The neuroscience of creativity is really about growth learning and overcoming challenges to compe up with creative solutions. What research shows is that It is only when we let go of our assumptions that we really see the world for what it is and then see new solutions given this new view of reality. Thie following video is one that …

3 things a Genius gets right that we get wrong | Tim Sanders | Big Think

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Genius is so often treated the same as talent in that everyone seems to assume that a genius is born and everything a genius touches is amazing. The truth as always is far more complex than this and research has shown very clear, very consistent patterns that lead of results attributed to geniuses which really highlights that the spectacular results …

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Cells organize themselves to generate forces that model the tissue shape

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Ok this article just blew me away because since evolution means that oranisms adjust over time to the environment they are in and the forces upon them there is new evidence that cells “When the cells are placed on a flat surface, they align themselves and form structures similar to a field of wheat where the wind has passed through: …

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Einsteins brilliance came from a Growth Mindset

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This insightful video explores the exceptional challenges Einstein had to overcome in order to achieve success and focuses on the effort behind his work as the determining factor behind his greatness. This video makes it particularly clear that Einsteins spectacular performance came from a growth mindset as do all great feats of human nature which requires dogged hard work that …

Why a focus on process is a super power by Andrew Huberman

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Mastery is one of my favourite topics because it teaches you why the best way to achieve success is to commit to the effort required not the specific goal. That is counter intuitive but every bit of experience and research supports this simple vision. This interview with Andrew Huberman an American neuroscientist and associate professor in the Department of Neurobiology …

The Neuroscience of Memory – Eleanor Maguire

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In this engaging lecture the speaker Eleanor Maguire explains through demonstrations some of the peculiarities of memory to show that we often do not remember things exactly as they occurred yet we often believe we do. I learnt a lot about human memory years ago at school and it has stuck with me ever since because I know what it …

If Brains are Computers, Who Designs the Software? – with Daniel Dennett A royal institution lecture

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Oh my am I loving this lecture from the royal institute and Daniel Dennett. It is bringing to life so many of the thoughts and ideas I have had over the years of learning how humans work. How the brain works is just such a fascinating topic and Daniel has taken a unique and engaging approach to presenting his ideas. …