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Functional medicine: an alternative treatment for cancer: Fitter Food Radio episode 11

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I’m listening to  Fitter Food Radio episode 11 with Jo Gamble on Embracing Nutrition. It is quite fascinating. Focusing on Jo Gamble explaining the value of functional medicine for health. Jo is a nutritional therapist and functional medicine practitioner who specialises in alternative treatment for cancer. I’m getting to know the show so I can only comment on this episode. I’m …

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A good night of sleep is like hosing down your filthy brain

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Why animals sleep remains one of the enduring mysteries of biology, but new research suggests the primary reason might be to allow cerebrospinal fluid to wash all the gunk out from between your brain cells. Read more The researchers interpretation is that this is literally a cleaning process after a busy day. I would wonder if it’s also a restocking …

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Things you can do better asleep than you can awake

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following on with the theme that sleep is far more important than many of us realise. Here’s an analysis of things we can do better asleep than when we’re awake. Essentially there seem to be three main areas that we do better asleep: Lets summarise each area: Forming accurate memories Most neuroscientists agree that sleep is when we organize memories …

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Neural Darwinism: is this how we learn?

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I’m excited to have just discovered Neural Darwinism through an interview with Gerald Edelman on all in the mind. The idea that our brain constantly adapts to our environment using the same evolutionary principles described by Darwin is what I’ve been coming to believe. It’s clear that we create and remove connections every day during sleep and that our brains are constantly evolving from the …

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Working in the 21st century

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I’ve felt for quite a while now that the arrival of the internet will eventually lead to a fundamental revolution in how we work. I was reminded by the article Innovation:Online army turns the tide on automation of  Amazon Mechanical Turk, an example of how this might play out. At the same time I also feel that this could lead to …

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Rehabilitating a sprained ankle

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So I sprained my ankle quite badly way back on August 10th this year. I’ve sprained my ankles a ton of times before and recovered fine so I know the rehab drill. A bunch of years had passed since my last sprain so I thought I’d check out how the advice had improved. Unfortunately it hadn’t improved much at all.  …

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Natural killer cells, cancer and sleep

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This is a fascinating animation explaining the role of natural killer cells which are a crucial part of our immune system. What I notice from listening to it is the explanation of their role in fighting cancer. Specifically that most cancer creating cells are caught and neutralised within 24 hours by these killer cells. It then seems very straightforward to …

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Do our minds work like browser caches?

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It occurred to me recently how to express my experience of how I learn and how our brains are capable of providing lightning fast access to so much of the info we hold in our heads. I think the process might be similar to the methods used in hardware and software mainly because I think they evolved for the same …

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Fat, nutrients and hibernation

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I’ve covered this topic before but got a little inspiration so thought i’d write it down. Haven’t read the original post so not sure if I’m repeating myself. The essence of my thoughts is around the human need for fat’s, particularly saturated fats. The media and health professionals like to bemoan fat intake but I’m not entirely convinced it’s all …

Do active people benefit more from sleep?

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I thing that struck me is the idea that training the body through activity may not just train our physical systems but could also train our recovery systems by creating situations where constant intense repair is required. This could have an impact on our overall health because our ability to repair our bodies would relate to our ability to recover …

Could humans hibernate?

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We spend so much time worrying if our bodies get enough nutrition. We’re told that key nutrients are required daily. If you accept that other animals have similar physiology to us and therefore similar daily needs for nutrients then how can we explain hibernation. In this article I wonder what would make hibernation possible, whether it’s possible that we hibernated …

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Does your lifestyle make you thrive?

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My experience of people talking about health is that you can either be happy or healthy. Pick one. My view is that you can have both. You are also generally told that the modern way is bad. The attitude is ‘don’t live in the present, live in the past. It’s much better for you.’ This advice frustrates me because it’s …

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How I conquered my mouth ulcers?

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Any one who suffers from mouth ulcers knows that trhey are literally a pain. So I thought I’d add my two cents about how I feel I’ve conquered them. I get lots of ulcers. Or atleast I used to. I’ve got one now but I haven’t had one for a long time, maybe christmas was the last time. Yet I …

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Could lack of sleep increase risk of heart problems?

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It’s just a thought. I have an inkling that lack of sleep could be a factor in these illnesses and I think I can pull together some of the things I’ve learnt to make a case for it. Let’s see how I go. It’s well documented and understood that we need to sleep to allow our bodies to repair. For …