The practice section explores the practical approaches used by humans to live their lives and achieve their potential.

The practise section explores life, which at the most basic level encompasses the passage of time from birth to death and all the moments in between. The focus is on applying knowledge from the theory section to real life so it is represented by calendars and diaries

Learn how to spend your time better



Life is a verb and is full of experiments. We know that life evolved by random experiments that lead to more and more complex life that was able to survive in more and more varied climates. So human beings come from a very long line of successful experimentation. Practice therefore means keep trying and experimenting until you get it right. The theory section gives you information we didn’t used to have so modern humans have a serious leg up. I have been using this information for years to improve so much of my life and achieve many of my lifelong dreams.

Better habits

By understanding the impact of our lives on our bodies and its ecosystem we can learn through practice to take better care of it. By doing the things we love and learning how to keep our balance at the same time we can then enjoy the very things that keep us healthy.

The most important aspect is time and the impact of each moment as it passes. All other topics are ways of thinking about and organising these moments as they pass so the skill we are trying to develop is making the best of each moment using the knowledge we are gaining from theory and practice to keep getting better from experience.

Through practice we learn to let the passing of time do the work for us.

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Understanding how human beings live in a practical way is such a complex undertaking that the section has to cover hundreds of areas of knowledge that are often considered separate activities including; eating, sleeping, working and so much more.

So I have categorised my writings and research into several topics that go into more specific detail. Each topic considers a human being from a particular perspective and draws on a wide variety of disciplines to fully explore the topic.

I have also ordered the topics according to core and more advanced topics.

Optimising your life is more complicated than it first seems and requires an understanding of these core topics:

  • Time: in understanding our own potential and pursuing our best life, it is essential to understand the complexity of a moment and how much is going on. Then create moments in each day where you restore your balance and grow in some way. View all
  • Fun: Enjoy what you do because we do not repeat things we do not enjoy and when you are happy you can overcome any challenge. View all
  • Learn: Life is a journey of lessons. Experiment regularly, you will never know it all but every moment can teach you something so you can know more today than you did yesterday. View all

A more advanced understanding of health comes from much wider study of topics including: