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The Plague and the benefits of Horizontal Gene Transfer

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How do you express the concept of Horizontal Gene Transfer in a way most people could understand and also see where it could be useful? In fact I have several related concepts and questions I think I can express in one idea: Is  horizontal gene transfer natures software update? Can viruses can do good? Can programming teach you about biology? Is biology …

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Build a Virtual Body: Bacteria communicate with their hosts

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This article Communication between bacteria and their hosts is the kind of thing I look for to support my dream of a virtual body. It builds on the finding that Bacteria communicate with each other. My interpretation is essentially simple. I consider bacteria and viruses to be to the human body like plugins are to software. The body is an entire organism but …

Good physics is good business

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For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, also known as the conservation of energy. These principles govern business just like they govern physics. The energy of a business can be money or the energy of staff or customers. The conservation of energy can relate to the need to be efficient. Using a small amount of energy to …

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Updating cells through Horizontal Gene transfer: An idea for a game

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My interest in biology runs so deep I enjoy coming up with my own theories. If you’ve read my blog you’ll find many. Of course what is most exciting is when I find that a theory I have developed from my own experience and logic turns out to be real. The process of horizontal gene transfer is just that and is becoming more …

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What made the Wright brothers successful

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I needed a little inspiration in the challenges of being an entrepreneur and inventor. I just checked out the Wright Brothers because at the time they pioneered human flight there were hundreds of others trying to do just the same. I wanted to understand how long it took them. What kinds of things they did. How much detail they went into and …

Bacteria ‘hijack’ human immune system

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Just logging a fascinating new insight from the Royal Society that Bacteria ‘hijack’ the human immune system. It’s no real surprise to me. I’ve talked about how we are made from bacteria and this can both benefit and harm us The lesson from this article is that bacteria are continually evolving. Most live within us and help us. But we are …

Spore: Why it didn’t work

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A dream of mine is to create a game or piece of software incorporating evolution and cellular development. So I was very excited to read Spore: My view of the Elephant written by someone who actually worked on the game Spore. It is a highly worthwhile read. Capturing both the complexity of the task and also the lessons learned that doomed …

David Attenborough. Rise of the animals and the rise of simulation

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I have always loved simulations for their ability to put concepts into the context that makes most sense. I am developing such respect for David Attenborough as I see his ability to take this relatively niche medium and bring it to the mainstream. Using it with his usual attention to detail. The show fascinates me because it shows the progress …

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Adapt: Is there evolution in business?

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For me the answer is a definitive yes. The more I apply evolutionary principles in thinking about business the more I see it fits and the more I feel I understand business. It’s why I like capitalism. It’s a very harsh approach, which I don’t like, but then is’n’t natural selection. Natural selection is about competing for energy and essential …

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A vision for 21st century learning

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So I had a vision over Christmas of the kind of learning and teaching I’ve always wanted. As I wrote it down I became more and more convinced that this is possible right now. It also pulls together my passion for understanding human excellence with my experience in taking ideas to deliverables. It’s still very much a work in progress but I’m …

Sir Paul Nurse: Organisms are information networks

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How often is it that you find a video of someone expressing the exact view you’ve had of something. It’s increasingly common these days but not exactly everyday is it. That’s what I got what I discovered sir Paul Nurse’ talk explaining the notion that Organisms are information networks. The idea that dna is basically a data storage mechanism, that you can …

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On the origin of life: An energy cycle

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I’ve had this idea floating in my head for weeks now. So I’m finally getting round to putting down into words. I’m excited to finally express it but I hope I do it justice. Here goes. We’re all aware of the theory of evolution. It makes perfect sense to me how pressure for resources has lead to so much diversity in …

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An idea for modelling nutrition

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My background is in human performance. I studied biology, psychology, sociology and a lot of sports science and pe. So I’m fascinated with finding out what our bodies are capable of. It’s amazing how much is known and has been documented. What I see as lacking is a model that ties all this knowledge into virtual systems.  I feel software …

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Evolution is everywhere

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I’m quickly coming to the realisation that darwins description of evolution does not just apply to the natural world of eco systems but to the man made world too. So much so that it turns out I’ve written that evolution is among us before. ENERGY FLOW Every aspect of human life seems to reflect and embody evolution. I see this in financial …

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Evolution among us

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To explain the things happening around us I like to learn from history. I feel so many lessons of past ages can still be applied today and tomorrow if you yake the time to apply them properly. What older lesson is there than that of evolution. It’s always applied to the context of biology and how we have arrived at …

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How to live my dream?

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This article is a continuation of the process I’m going through of achieving my dreams. Some parts of this process I want to share on blogger partly as a record and partly as a way of getting support and advice. The essence is that I’m spending these years learning more about how to live the dream I want in a …

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Jeet kune do in tennis

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I watched all the Bruce Lee films over the weekend. I just love his approach. I really relate to his approach. I didn’t realise but I’ve been putting a lot of the concepts into my tennis game recently. I was inspired to do even more. I really focused today on using my whole body. I started generating my swing from …