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Cells organize themselves to generate forces that model the tissue shape

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Ok this article just blew me away because since evolution means that oranisms adjust over time to the environment they are in and the forces upon them there is new evidence that cells “When the cells are placed on a flat surface, they align themselves and form structures similar to a field of wheat where the wind has passed through: …

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How can Tai Chi help my daily life? Flow more, Force less

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I’ve always wanted to learn about Tai Chi but never found the time. I saw a great deal from TennisOne for a course teaching Tai Chi in relation to tennis. So I thought I would take this as an opportunity to learn Tai Chi while also improving my tennis game. Continually moving towards your goals is a principle of Cell …

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Brain’s motor cortex uses multiple frequency bands to coordinate movement

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How and why we move is a fascinating topic. We have long known that muscle movement is coordinated through systematically triggering muscles. The trigger pattern determines the type of movement produced. New research has uncovered how this pattern is widespread throughout the brain structures involved with movement. Synchrony is critical for the proper functioning of the brain. Synchronous firing of …

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Can training your nerves improve athletic performance?

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In the last post I asked Why train your nerves? It was a precursor to explaining the value of a healthy and strong nervous system to athletic performance. In fact it is little known that the reason sedentary people improve so much when they begin exercising is because their nervous system adapts very quickly. The reason for the inevitable plateau is …

Is the quality of energy supply crucial to the effects of Parkinsons and related heart failure.?

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Following on from the finding that the ability of your brain to harness energy could explain age related mental decline? there is similar evidence that problems with energy provision could be a factor in  Parkinson’s disease and heart failure. Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis investigating mouse and fruit fly hearts, found that a protein known as mitofusin …

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Fitness: Could your brains ability to harness energy explain age related mental decline?

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Everyone seems to assume that your mind must degrade with age. I’ve never seen convincing evidence for that. I simply see that increasing age requires increasing maintenance since our parts and code get old. In otherwords, You are only as old as the lifestyle you live.  So it is that I am good at finding evidence that shows this to …

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Are home schooled children leaner than traditionally schooled kids?

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I saw the article Home schooled children leaner than traditionally schooled kids and just had to share and keep it. It is just one study but it’s an important consideration. The impact of school on socialisation and health. The study makes clear these results came before the latest health standards were implemented at school but also makes clear the dependence you …

What pedometer tracks daily life?

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I’m looking for something cheap and simple to start tracking the steps in my daily life. I can’t believe I don’t already have one but I was hoping to do this through my smartphone. It’s never really worked out like that for a bunch of reasons so I’m just going to get something and start monitoring my daily activity. Tracking …

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How exercise improves Heart Disease risk

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The article challenges the standard explanation that high cholesterol levels are the main cause of heart disease. The author discusses alternative theories involving factors such as stress, inefficient healing and lack of rest, notably deep sleep as potential contributors. The author concludes that heart disease likely has multiple causes. Furthermore, cholesterol should be considered as a part of the body’s healing process rather than being the main cause of heart diseases. Overall, the author encourages a healthier lifestyle to prevent heart diseases.

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Weight loss in football fans from the Lancet

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Being a fan has health implications so it is nice to know that people are actually looking into how to make it a healthier experience. Weight loss in football fans is a story assessing the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the Football Fans in Training programme, a weight loss and healthy living programme delivered to fans in Scottish professional football clubs. The …

Why walking is good for you

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I like to think of walking as comparing it to the stock in a soup. By this I mean that it seems such a simple almost unimportant aspect of movement yet walking is the foundation of human movement because you have to learn to walk before you can learn to run or jump. It is also the most convenient form …

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Enjoy everyday activities more by knowing how digestion works

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Because it’s not what you eat but the way that you eat it it is important to understand that the benefits of knowing why eating while moving can be bad for you? can be applied to more than just moving around. Exercise is just one situation where dehydration is likely. Being aware of all the situations and activities where dehydration can …

Dealing with stomach pains from dehydration

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A problem with eating certain types of foods is pain in my stomach during or particularly after intense exercise or any other time I get dehydrated. It is a key reason why eating while or before moving can be bad for you Fibre and dehydration causes pain I’ve noticed it most when I eat a bran, high fibre, type breakfast …

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Managing Diabetes through Physical Activity

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At university, I learnt how much exercise can do for Diabetes, particularly Type II. Since then I have spent a lot of time researching further to really understand the topic. It just sounds too good to be true. The great thing is that all the evidence backs up what I learnt. Since then I’ve been searching for the best way …

Trust me I’m a doctor: caffeine and migraine

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I’ve been wanting to share this for a few months. Now that I have started some posts exploring migraine it’s time to share. Episode 3 of the tv series Trust me I’m a doctor is amazing. It covers migraine and I have my special theory that it’s about the brain being overloaded and so training your brain should help. Later …

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Problems of inflammation

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Inflammation is quickly becoming linked with just about every major disease and for good reason because it is the bodies natural response to injury and disease making the inflammation mechanism the bodies rapid response unit. Inflammation is the bodies equivalent of the army, police, health and fire services rolled into one. Once you realise that the bodies most natural response to infection is …