Disney movie Frozen and Toddler fun

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If you haven’t already seen the Walt Disney animated film Frozen with your toddler then you really should. It’s the first film we have got through with our little 2 year old. He loved it. There are so many characters to keep him entertained from a funny snowman called Olaf to a friendly reindeer and a family of trolls. That’s …

Gaming can make a better world

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Ok, so I’m just watching the best presentation I’ve seen for a while. I just had to share it. The premise that gaming can make a better world is something I share and have actively been looking at how to bring gaming to education via the OU. I think Jane McGonigal just nails it and explains how gaming is a …

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Enjoyment is still the way to go

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The title of this blog is a give away. It’s about having fun. Here’s a post I wrote a while ago that describes part of the journey I’ve taken to put having fun at the forefront of a successful life. This is becoming more and more relevant in my life as I see the effects of the decision to make …

A slow mind may nurture more creative ideas

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I just came across this post ‘A slow mind may nurture more creative ideas‘ from the new scientist and thought they’ve got something I couldn’t just tweet. I needed a more permanent record. It’s about new research investigating mental proceses and creativity. What’s striking is the level of detail that can now be achieved with modern techniques. They can actually …

The inner game of tennis or inner game of life

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Reflections on The inner game of tennis. I read it many years ago and I am now re-reading it. I feel like looking back over what I have learnt since and what it reminds me of. for starters page 17 has a fantastic quote. The backhand can be used to advantage only on a tennis court,  but the skill of effortless …

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How to live my dream?

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This article is a continuation of the process I’m going through of achieving my dreams. Some parts of this process I want to share on blogger partly as a record and partly as a way of getting support and advice. The essence is that I’m spending these years learning more about how to live the dream I want in a …

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Could losing weight be made easier by just taking longer to eat and enjoying every mouthful?

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Could losing weight be made easier by just taking longer to eat. Savouring every mouthful and enjoying what you are eating. This allows you to eat what you want and makes you enjoy things more. I’ve been doing this for a while and I’ve just found that I enjoy both the food and the process of eating so much more now. the …

Using immersive games to teach children how to be safe using a safe and highly controlled environmen

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I’ve always thought that games are brilliant for teaching. Their mix of fun and addictiveness keeps your attention whilst their rules and challenges encourage you to use your faculties and improve yourself. The addition of connectivity through networks, the internet and so on adds to their appeal. Truly immersive games are now becoming reality so the experience matches life very closely. I would like …

play creativity and flow

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Following on from the concept of flow. I then watched another really useful talk on the powerful link between creativity and play. Given that creativity is very much related to flow it becomes clear that when your work feels like play then you’ll be the most creative, particulary if you identify a purpose that you really identify with. The talkcentres …

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Longevity, Negativity, and Positive Thinking

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For this simple guide I was searching for references on stress and how exercise can help with it. I found some great articles but nothing really stood out to me. They either seemed to have too much depth or not enough. I’m thinking of stress because we’re all busy because we have more to do than we have time to …