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Getting your 5 a day: x ways to eat an apple

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This article will show you how easy it is to fit an apple into your day. We all know we need more fruit but actually including it is where we often fall down. Rather than see the fruit as something extra you have to add, why not see it as an opportunity to indluge yourself. Most fruit is high in …

Can takeaways be healthy?

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On the face of it take away food is much more about entertainment than nutrition and so take away food is generally Over salted Over sugared Over the top It’s like that mainly because we want to be entertained by takeaway food we don’t generally expect takeaway food to taste just like the healthier stuff we have at home.  I …

Why I Started the day with a smile. Mince pies, pears, strawberries and grapes #roadtochristmas

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Today was one of those super busy change your plans at the last minute kind of mornings so this is one trick I use to make a celebration of it. The mince pies need toning down and the fruit often needs sweetening. The mince pies are clearly indulgent and the fruit is clearly healthy. Together they make gorgeous flavour and …

Fun, food and frolics: How to stimulate your metabolism while you chow down

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Another thing you do on holiday is eat out isn’t it. In fact it can easily take up a few hours each day so it’s great if you can really maximise the fun involved. Though meal times are often situations which promote bad health and this can be exacerbated on holiday because they often put you in a situation where you are: …

Do you use fruit as a vitamin drink?

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I’m not talking fruit juice. I’m talking fruit you buy at the grocers or super market or get in the garden. Apples. Pears. Oranges. Jut a simple point but when you want a drink your pour yourself something don’t you. A tea or coffee. A milkshake or got chocolate or just plain water or maybe a fruit juice. You are …

Pate sandwich with marmalade and onions

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Todays challenge was very simple. Combine shop bought ingredients and finish with a home made twist. My attempt was pork pate and I wanted to make it even more special with no effort or expense. I used orange marmalade because it’s in the fridge and goes with pork and the onions and leeks I made earlier in the week. No …

Fresh cabbage in the farm

What can you do with Cabbage?

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With delivery of our veg box I now have the challenge of making meals with a vegetable I have never liked. All my memories are of the soggy tasteless variety or that bitter taste that makes you feel like you are being punished.

How to make coleslaw in 5 minutes!!!

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I’ll confess straight up, I have always wanted to make my own coleslaw but never done it. There are so many things about it I love and it is not just the taste. For example, have you ever considered how much it can contribute to your 5 a day?

How can cream tea and fruit crumble for breakfast be healthy!!!

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Cream tea to start!! When it’s a blueberry scone with strawberries and creme fraiche with fresh mint for extra zing. It was so appetising my little one seconded it and wolfed down. What I did have was delicious. This continues the experiment I ran before when I asked what is healthier for breakfast cereal or fruit pie?. The results might …

make effortless roast vegetables in advance

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The best part of cooking is when one simple ingredient takes a dish in a different and interesting direction. Knowing how to do this right comes from experience but when you do learn, it means you can keep your meals interesting with the bare minimum of effort and expense. Personalise For example last week I was bored with the takeaway …

Is Gently Cooked Food Better for You?

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I just came across Is Gently Cooked Food Better for You?¬†from the excellent Marks Daily Apple. Something I’ve wondered for a long time. Given the chance I prefer gentle cooking. I feel flavours and textures are best with this approach. My wife is the opposite. She prefers quicker cooking and loves well done steak. The article reminded me of Advanced …

Health advertising: Why does it treat us like idiots?

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Watching the BBC programme the men who made us fat reminds me how the food, and health and fitness industries are all conflicted between making a profit and making us healthy. So nothing improves because everything gets confused with misinformation due to the competition going on. Companies can’t focus on making us healthy because making a profit must come first …