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Einsteins brilliance came from a Growth Mindset

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This insightful video explores the exceptional challenges Einstein had to overcome in order to achieve success and focuses on the effort behind his work as the determining factor behind his greatness. This video makes it particularly clear that Einsteins spectacular performance came from a growth mindset as do all great feats of human nature which requires dogged hard work that …

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Bruce Lee shares how to find inner peace: Be water, my friend

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I was lucky many years ago that a friend introduced me to the teachings of Bruce Lee of martial arts fame. Hi martial arts success is not my focus as I am more interested in what he was able to do, particularly the speed and control he achieved but also the wide ranging philosophic teachings he had learnt and applied. …

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Life: A self fulfilling prophecy

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Just a short note on a basic principle. I have heard it said that life is actually an inevitable consequence of the universe. I can think of one reason why and thought I would share. Producing offspring to continue the cycle is the key because by definition anything that does not reproduce itself will not continue. So it isn’t really …

Wrist Tendonitis

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Unfortunately this month is about dealing with wrist tendonitis. I think it’s down to my technique and general game play. So I need to find a way to first repair it, then ensure it doesn’t happen again.  I tried ice therapy. Can’t say it improved the recovery that much. But either way the injury has felt pretty much healed a …

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The energy flow of the universe

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Had the wierdest vision out on my walk today. Just had to record it. Was listening to biota live podcast talking about emergence of life and the universe. My mind wandered off visioning how the stars like our sun actually create the basic atoms in their huge furnaces. Then I imagined how the land emerges through volcanic eruptions and disappears …

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Saturated fat: Why all the fuss?

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I’m just finishing a text book I forgot to finish a year or so back and got to the chapter on heart disease. It reminded me why I get a little frustrated with current nutritional and health advice and why I think the public gets so confused and follows so many fashions. In my view it’s because so much of …

using identical twins in scientific research. Does it prove anything?

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I’ve always had an issue with the concept of using identical twins separated at birth as evidence to support any idea that genes determine our personalities. I couldn’t lay my finger on it exactly but just because a bunch of people with identical, or very similar genes seem to end up being similar in some ways. It’s assumed that must …