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How exercise improves Heart Disease risk

The standard explanation of how Heart disease and stroke are caused is pretty well understood. In short the idea is that high levels of the wrong kind of cholesterol

I’m not covering the standard stuff we all know about. I’m looking at different angles. The stuff that rarely gets covered. I want to discuss the value of these insights.

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How exercise combats Heart Disease, Insulin Resistance and Diabetes


How Exercise Improves Heart Disease Risk

Key General Articles: Activity and Health

Specific articles: Heart Disease and Activity

At this point I simply have a big long list of articles I have collected over the years. Each article has informed my view in some way. I’ve been on a path of discovery not just on how activity can help heart disease and how to actually make the activity easy to do.
I also want a more holistic approach. Understand more about food and drink so I can understand a fun lifestyle that works and also adapts to the person following it. That is why things have taken so long. This is a long quest full of confusing speculation and little fact. I’ve tried and explored so much that I’m now confident enough to share.

I apologise for the clutter. For now it’s just wonderful to finally have everything all in one place that is publicly accessible.

I can now begin to organise it properly and present it better.

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  1. How white blood cells are transported could explain heart disease
  2. how white blood cells work Explained in a way that fits the injury hypothesis. Our bodies aren’t strong enough to handle the environment, particularly the attacks by sugar.
  3. why high carb foods can cause heart attacks
  4. Saturated fat: Why all the fuss?
  5. Why are trans-fats so bad?
  6. The French Paradox: Having your cake and eating it
  7. Insulin resistance affects two thirds of the human body. Is there a simple effective treatment?
  8. Relax your way to health
  9. A different view on cholesterol
  10. lymph cholesterol and heart disease: how they could be related.:incomplete but useful. Introduces possible immune system role. Leads to the idea that cholesterol is part of the bodies repair response. High cholesterol simply reflects a high demand for repair. Very different from being a cause. More a symptom of heart disease.
  11. Injury: Correcting impaired cells
  12. Could lack of sleep increase risk of heart problems?
  13. Are there 3 angles to being healthy and fighting the ageing process?
  14. Problems in recycling cellular waster linked to clogged arteries: links the immune system and cellular repair with atherosclerosis. The article doesn’t link this but I can. It does lay the evidence down. Also shows multiple reasons why activity can reverse the process. By creating a famine in cells and thus clearing digestive problems.
  15. Does regular exercise improve our bodies ability to heal and restore?
  16. Training is about fast recovery: fitter people heal faster. That’s the point. activity forces your body to work around challenges. Makes you strong enough to overcome challenges. Glut 4 adaptations, capillaries, sugar and water saving effects.
  17. Calorie and nutrient intake over time: pins actual calorie values over time to increasing weight. Doesn’t point out the lack of data on activity
  18. brief exercise reduces the impact of stress
  19. the thymus gland. Prevent disease increase longevity
  20. pushing ourselves too far, Do we do irreparable damage?
  21. stress/coping: Symptoms that mimic epilepsy linked to stress, poor coping skills. Learning to cope is key to avoiding illness.
  22. Horizon: The truth about exercise. Brilliant episode: In line with everything I believe. Much of his research is from Loughborough. Shows that 3 mins High intensity Training per week has major health benefits, and that just being active in general is most important. Common theory is being challenged. It’s easier than we thought to get fit. High intensity exercise and can 3 minutes of exercise a week help make you fit
  23. Excess sugar can triple risk of dying of heart disease: report people who get 25 per cent or more of their daily calories from added sugar almost triple their risk of dying of heart disease.
  24. Whole diet approach to lower cardiovascular risk has more evidence than low-fat diets
  25. Diets to Prevent Coronary Heart Disease 1957- 2013: What Have We Learned?  The Mediterranean-style diet, with a focus on vegetables, fruit, fish, whole grains and olive oil, has proven to reduce cardiovascular events to a degree greater than low fat diets, and equal to or greater than the benefit observed in statin trials.
  26. Nikolai N. Anitschkow and the lipid hypothesis of atherosclerosis One hundred years ago, Nikolai N. Anitschkow published his seminal observations that began the cholesterol debate. This article reviews the history so far
  27. Statins for millions more?
  28. Understanding heart failure at the cellular level
  29. Exercise targets cellular powerhouses to improve heart function
  30. Immune cells may heal an injured heart
  31. When is fat a heart risk? Scientists re-evaluate its role in your health
  32. Key heart failure culprit discovered in tiny piece of RNA miR-25 acts pathologically in patients suffering from heart failure, delaying proper calcium uptake in heart muscle cells
  33. Too much high intensity exercise could hurt heart health Notes two studies of older individuals where too much exercise was linked to more chance of heart problems
  34. Lab-grown human tissue flexes its muscles for the first time Cholesterol lowering statins have detrimental effects on muscle tissue, one statin was so harmful that it had to be withdrawn from the market.
  35. Researchers Uncover Why Adults’ Hearts Don’t Regenerate A new research study suggests that quieting communication between heart cells and their environment protects this organ from harmful signals related to stresses such as high blood pressure, but at the cost of preventing heart cells from receiving signals that promote regeneration.
  36. A Relationship Between NAD+ and Gradual Heart Failure An epigenetic regulator impacts how well mitochondria perform.
  37. Revealing the Secrets of Fat Storage – Cells Refine Palm Fat Into Olive Oil
  38. Can math and physics save the arrhythmic heart  A joy to listen to this episode where professor Flavio Fenton explains how he is using maths and physics to understand and model human hearts.
  39. Alya Red: A computational heart: Alya red is a super computing simulated heart. I learnt about it reading origin by Dan brown and shows how much you learn by exploring and having fun  I now want to explore Barcelona even more. 
  40. Complex Relationship Between Cardiac Fibroblasts and Cardiomyocytes in Health and Disease
  41. Viruses Are the Most Common Cause of Myocarditis in Children. Just general knowledge. Showing the muscle can swell due to viral infection. That’s what I am taking from this. 

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