Creativity thrives on what the brain fears most | Beau Lotto | Big Think

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The neuroscience of creativity is really about growth learning and overcoming challenges to compe up with creative solutions. What research shows is that It is only when we let go of our assumptions that we really see the world for what it is and then see new solutions given this new view of reality. Thie following video is one that …

3 things a Genius gets right that we get wrong | Tim Sanders | Big Think

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Genius is so often treated the same as talent in that everyone seems to assume that a genius is born and everything a genius touches is amazing. The truth as always is far more complex than this and research has shown very clear, very consistent patterns that lead of results attributed to geniuses which really highlights that the spectacular results …

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Einsteins brilliance came from a Growth Mindset

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This insightful video explores the exceptional challenges Einstein had to overcome in order to achieve success and focuses on the effort behind his work as the determining factor behind his greatness. This video makes it particularly clear that Einsteins spectacular performance came from a growth mindset as do all great feats of human nature which requires dogged hard work that …

Why a focus on process is a super power by Andrew Huberman

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Mastery is one of my favourite topics because it teaches you why the best way to achieve success is to commit to the effort required not the specific goal. That is counter intuitive but every bit of experience and research supports this simple vision. This interview with Andrew Huberman an American neuroscientist and associate professor in the Department of Neurobiology …

Developing a Growth Mindset with Carol Dweck

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If you have not heard of Carol Dweck’s work on the Growth mindset, then you are missing out. I learned about the growth mindset in my teens, and I have used it ever since in almost every success I have ever had. The principle is simple, and in fact, so is the implementation, which is why it is one of …

Bruce lee quote "be water, my friend"

Bruce Lee shares how to find inner peace: Be water, my friend

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I was lucky many years ago that a friend introduced me to the teachings of Bruce Lee of martial arts fame. Hi martial arts success is not my focus as I am more interested in what he was able to do, particularly the speed and control he achieved but also the wide ranging philosophic teachings he had learnt and applied. …

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How to achieve success: 21 amazing lessons

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Fitness isn’t just about running or lifting weights. It’s about learning how to succeed at something. What makes one person fit may make another unfit or unhealthy. So fitness requires the right mindset for success and over the years I have been compiling a list of inspirational talks and lessons on the mindset required for success. I haven’t yet had …

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Can training your nerves improve athletic performance?

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In the last post I asked Why train your nerves? It was a precursor to explaining the value of a healthy and strong nervous system to athletic performance. In fact it is little known that the reason sedentary people improve so much when they begin exercising is because their nervous system adapts very quickly. The reason for the inevitable plateau is …

Judy Murray tossing straberries on a tennis racquet

It’s not about the talent, it’s about the opportunity

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In the article  Legacy of son’s success motivation for Judy Murray Judy points out that despite her sons incredible success Scotland has yet to take advantage of the major opportunity this presents. Building the sport in Scotland and improving the nations health and life opportunities as a result. She says: I want to help inspire another generation of kids, I want …

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What made the Wright brothers successful

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I needed a little inspiration in the challenges of being an entrepreneur and inventor. I just checked out the Wright Brothers because at the time they pioneered human flight there were hundreds of others trying to do just the same. I wanted to understand how long it took them. What kinds of things they did. How much detail they went into and …

Picture of the Talent code book

Book review: The Talent Code

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A fascinating book that sheds new light on how neural connections form I’ve just finished reading ‘The Talent Code ‘ by Daniel Coyle and already I feel it’s one of those books I will refer to again and again. It’s a well researched book describing daniels theory of how talent is best progressed. He uses research from state of the art …

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A vision for 21st century learning

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So I had a vision over Christmas of the kind of learning and teaching I’ve always wanted. As I wrote it down I became more and more convinced that this is possible right now. It also pulls together my passion for understanding human excellence with my experience in taking ideas to deliverables. It’s still very much a work in progress but I’m …

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Can amazing abilities be taught?

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I’ve been talking for a while how everything we see other people achieving we could actually achieve ourselves. We just need to learn to bring it out of us. A couple of weeks ago I ate at a restaurant and the waitress showed exactly what I’m talking about. There were four of us and we had a lot to order. …

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Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action – Simon Sinek (2009)

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I just heard this talk and had to share it. It’s helped me understand why I achieve things and shows how focusing on money rewards is a recipe for failure not success. It’s my mantra but it’s explained so eloquently in this piece. Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action – Simon Sinek (2009): “Simon Sinek has a simple but …

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The way you think defines what you will achieve

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This phrase has defined my life because I have always noticed that those who succeed think differently than those who don’t. It has been a clear pattern I notice in those top in their profession too in that the way they think gets them to the top. In the making of an expert I see a wonderful example of how experts are …

The inner game of tennis or inner game of life

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Reflections on The inner game of tennis. I read it many years ago and I am now re-reading it. I feel like looking back over what I have learnt since and what it reminds me of. for starters page 17 has a fantastic quote. The backhand can be used to advantage only on a tennis court,  but the skill of effortless …

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How to live my dream?

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This article is a continuation of the process I’m going through of achieving my dreams. Some parts of this process I want to share on blogger partly as a record and partly as a way of getting support and advice. The essence is that I’m spending these years learning more about how to live the dream I want in a …

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Jeet kune do in tennis

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I watched all the Bruce Lee films over the weekend. I just love his approach. I really relate to his approach. I didn’t realise but I’ve been putting a lot of the concepts into my tennis game recently. I was inspired to do even more. I really focused today on using my whole body. I started generating my swing from …