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Enjoy everyday activities more by knowing how digestion works

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Because it’s not what you eat but the way that you eat it it is important to understand that the benefits of knowing why eating while moving can be bad for you? can be applied to more than just moving around. Exercise is just one situation where dehydration is likely.

Being aware of all the situations and activities where dehydration can occur is key to knowing how to deal with stomach pains caused by dehydration.

The basic understanding of physiology covered in the related posts is useful to explain why I don’t have intense meals, ones that are hard for the body to digest before or during many everyday situations:

  • intense activity
  • times of low water, either I’m dehydrated or will be because no drinks are available.
    • Long trips in a car, train, plane or other
  • situations where I don’t want to need the toilet.
    • during meetings
    • at the cinema

It can seem obvious, but it’s been really useful to know little tricks like this so I can be in control of myself during the day and make my body work for me all the time.


  • Mindblowing Discoveries About Bacteria Living Inside of Our Guts
    • Bacteria in our gut are amazing Anton Petrov does an amazing review of recent research and discoveries.
    • He’s saying that modern bacteria in modern guts have got lazy compared to native tribes and our modern lifestyles with food and energy on tap.
    • In ancient tribes the dirt would change almost daily due to what’s available. 
    • Also, a faecal transplant reversed ageing and age-related diseases, improving the health of individuals, though this is just one study on mice. 
    • He’s saying we really are what we eat. However, I think the correlations could easily be the reverse. Your personality could influence the food you eat and thus the bacteria. 

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