What pedometer tracks daily life?

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I’m looking for something cheap and simple to start tracking the steps in my daily life. I can’t believe I don’t already have one but I was hoping to do this through my smartphone. It’s never really worked out like that for a bunch of reasons so I’m just going to get something and start monitoring my daily activity.

Tracking my steps is the basic unit that seems to fit me so a pedometer is what I need. I’ve never had my own before so I thought I would get a cheap one to test the concept then buy something expensive like a fitbit once I’ve learnt more about what I want.

The idea is to track steps in daily life. Steps in cooking, cleaning, walking dog and playing tennis shopping. Everything. Point out how much activity is out there.
Key features for me:

  • track small activities like pottering in the kitchen with small steps then a stop including
    • cooking
    • cleaning
    • walking the dog
    • playing tennis
    • shopping
  • light
  • waist clip

A quick check on amazon for pedometers less than £20 with feedback of 4 or more revealed a page of results.

Fit the bill

  • Omron Walking Style III Pedometer £20
    • Excellent battery life
    • active mode: You can track specific activities. I hope this is useful for pottering activities
    • 7 day memory
    • excellent reviews

Not appropriate

  • Daffodil HPC650 Multi-function Pedometer £5.15 Won’t track short activities
    •  Accurate Step Counter with 7 day Memory Function, Calorie Counter and Daily Progress Monitor
    • the pedometer will only start to count your steps after seven seconds of movement. So it doesn’t pick up steps if you only travel a small distance – say pottering in the kitchen.
    • no waist clip
    • all reports say it is highly accurate
    • I have had no problems whatsoever with accidental counting, for example when driving (even with a dozen quite severe speed bumps on my commute). And the device being on a lanyard around my neck has not been an issue either, i wear it under my clothes so it is not obvious at work and if i change clothes i don’t have to move it between pockets or waistbands.
  • CSX Walking 3D Pedometer with Clip and Strap £15.99 Won’t track short activities
    • – Accurate Step Counter, Distance Miles and Km, Calorie Counter, Daily Target Progress Monitor, 7 Day Memory, Exercise Time – White – with Tri-Axis Technology
    • Walk Sensor technology – to avoid counting sudden movements as steps, the counter will not count any movement less than 10 consecutive steps.
  • Omron HJ005-E Step Counter Pedometer With Large Lcd Display £6.15 Not accurate enough
    • pendulum driven so not highly accurate.
    • good reviews and very cheap. 
    • Good name


So I bought the Omron walking style III. I did checkout a bunch more but didn’t feel like including every one. For each either accuracy or not tracking short sequences of steps was the problem. I might find the results inaccurate for this reason but I want to track the small activities as much as the large. Going up the stairs and cleaning. Stuff like that. The boring but incidental activities. Do they add up to something useful.

I would prefer a fitbit or similar but they cost and only work with an iPhone. I have Android at the moment but I will be addressing that soon. For now I just want to get used to having a pedomete because I don’t have one at all. 

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