Weight loss in football fans from the Lancet

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Being a fan has its health implications. While it’s obvious it’s nice to know that people are actually looking into how to make it a healthier experience.

Weight loss in football fans is a story assessing the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the Football Fans in Training programme, a weight loss and healthy living programme delivered to fans in Scottish professional football clubs.

A shame though that the focus is less on what clubs can do to help their fans, making the process of supporting a team healthier. Instead it’s simply about telling people to get fit. the Football Fans in Training site does nothing more than set you goals.

Hmm, so you’re telling people that they’re big and should do something about it but it’s their fault. They’ve got to go for a run and eat less during the week so they can come and sit in a cold stand and eat a hotdog while supporting their team.

Sounds like a great approach!!! Am I too harsh? you tell me.

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