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Being more active improves your ability to prevent damage and recover

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The overwhelming feeling I get when reviewing all I’ve learned about the benefits of exercise is that the most important benefit you get is the ability to recover from any risk you take or damage or injury you incur. Take this tweet Kimberly Stein, PhD ‏@kimwhitestein  11 hrs FFA transporters move to the plasma membrane during endurance exercise to bring more fat …

Exercise may slow progression of retinal degeneration

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That is the finding of a study in the Journal of Neuroscience. Exercise appears to preserve the structure and function of nerve cells in the retina after damage.  Moderate aerobic exercise helps to preserve the structure and function of nerve cells in the retina after damage, according to an animal study appearing February 12 in TheJournal of Neuroscience. The findings …

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Tackling Diabetes through exercise

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At university, I learnt how much exercise can do for Diabetes, particularly Type II. Since then I have spent a lot of time researching further to really understand the topic. It just sounds too good to be true. The great thing is that all the evidence backs up what I learnt. Since then I’ve been searching for the best way …

Exercise in pregnancy may help your newborns brain!!!

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Just came across a fascinating bit of research suggesting that exercise during pregnancy gives newborn brain development a head start. It is just one study but it is promising research. A randomised controlled trial in humans, reflecting previous results on animals. It is just nice to find more evidence to support being active through pregnancy and essentially throughout life. The …

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Exercise alters metabolism in minutes

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Exercise has an impact on your health within minutes. That is the insight I take from a New York Times piece explaining how exercise changes fat and muscle cells.It is in interesting piece exploring the extra detail we are now gaining about just how exercise affects muscle and fat cells. Of course that mostly means extra detail about something we …

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How exercise combats Heart Disease, Insulin Resistance and Diabetes

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Introduction It may surprise you to learn that getting fit won’t just help you lose much weight. It’ll help you do something far more important because it will help keep you alive and just as important it’ll help you thrive. It is now becoming clear that the major diseases in the west are diseases of our lifestyles and our daily …

Vigorous Exercise May Help Prevent Vision Loss

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It’s good to know that there is mounting evidence that you can maintain your eye health through regular vigorous activity. I expect it to be down to improved blood flow to everything that supports the eye and a general effect of activity encouraging the body to maintain itself. Good to know though.