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How to exercise more in normal life. Toddlers and Ikea part two

Following up last week’s visit we went back today to get one of the items we saw last week.

It was another good time. Much less effort this time since we knew what we wanted.

I took the stuff to the car and loaded it while my life and little one got their food.

Worked like clockwork really.

  • He was entertained.
    • He loved it. 
    • He liked their toys in the restaurant. 
    • Once he finished his dinner he had great fun pulling around a truck he found.
  • We got out got stuff done
    • freed up the weekend
    • can build it while watching the Australian Open 🙂
  • Hassle free.
    • it was virtually empty
    • No queueing
    • Parked right out front.
    • Plenty of seats in the restaurant

It’s not the biggest deal but options like this can really make the difference in a busy week with a toddler. I can see how we can sort out the living room over time without it being a huge chore

Of course finding the actual stuff in the Ikea warehouse is the real challenge but that’s just IKEA isn’t it 🙂

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