Bonnie Bassler at a TED conference explaining How bacteria "talk"

TED Talks Bonnie Bassler: Discovering bacteria’s amazing communication system

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This post is just to record the fantastic insights presented by Bonnie Bassler. She explains that bacteria do actually communicate within themselves and they are regularly use this to help and hinder us as we go about our lives. Bacteria can cause disease by launching a coordinated attack on our bodily systems. They do this by waiting until there are …

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What you put into your body or how you get rid of it: What’s the most important?

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Does any one know what we’re supposed to be eating any more? Seriously I really think it depends who you listen to. Everyone has a different answer. Think I’m crazy? well first it was low fat, then low saturated fat, then low carb, high protein. It goes on. Ok we’ve all heard that debate. Well what do the oldest people in …

Copying Silicon Valleys Model

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I didn’t realise it but apparently I follow silicon valleys model of success . Apparently the model they use is about embracing failure as a part of learning. By accepting this they see each failure as the next step to success. Don’t see the point in worrying too much about my failures. They’re a part of life. It’s best to …

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Health Science: finding facts from correlations

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One thing that does really bug me when science, particularly health science, is reported in the press is that correlations are so often consider evidence of fact. I just read an article titled ‘Vitamins in foods may protect brain‘. Now I do accept the concept that vitamins are likely to help with brain function but I’ object to the way …

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What factors make us kick the bucket?

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I hear so much about what risk factors there are to make us die sooner and all the things we should do or not do but because I like to research both sides of the story I always find things that contradict each other. I’m coming round to the view that the overall risk really depends on where we are …