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What made the Wright brothers successful

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I needed a little inspiration in the challenges of being an entrepreneur and inventor. I just checked out the Wright Brothers because at the time they pioneered human flight there were hundreds of others trying to do just the same. I wanted to understand how long it took them. What kinds of things they did. How much detail they went into and …

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Learning: What would Facebook do?

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Just  listening to Free: the future of a radical price by Chris anderson of the long tail. Making me consider how paid for education fits in with a market based on giving away most things for free. I assume I’m not the first to consider this. Just thought I’d log a few of the models that come to mind. Provide and …

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The new trend in wireless health sensors.

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It’s 2009 and while searching for devices with wireless health sensors I’m starting to uncover that we’re really on the brink of these things going mainstream. I’m really getting excited about it. I’ve mentioned the Fitbit elsewhere as a consumer grade version. Everytime I search now I’m finding more and more developments and products reaching maturity. Under the term wireless body area networks (WBANS) reports that …

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How alike are we all? One persons health advice is anothers warning

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Sometimes I think we forget that the human gene pool is pretty diverse. Until relatively recently we have survived in many different extremes, desserts, ice belts, tropics, temperate climates. Places where food is scarce, places it’s everywhere. Thus our gene pool should contain abilities to survive on many different diets. In fact I think it’s more likely that many different …