Why a focus on process is a super power by Andrew Huberman

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Mastery is one of my favourite topics because it teaches you why the best way to achieve success is to commit to the effort required not the specific goal. That is counter intuitive but every bit of experience and research supports this simple vision. This interview with Andrew Huberman an American neuroscientist and associate professor in the Department of Neurobiology …

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How to achieve success: 21 amazing lessons

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Fitness isn’t just about running or lifting weights. It’s about learning how to succeed at something. What makes one person fit may make another unfit or unhealthy. So fitness requires the right mindset for success and over the years I have been compiling a list of inspirational talks and lessons on the mindset required for success. I haven’t yet had …

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Do GCSEs favour women?

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You know. I never really thought about it that much. I first came across this notion during my A levels studying education as part of sociology. Since, at the time, women and girls had had such a long time being the second class citizens of education and work it didn’t really bother me. I did notice that in all the …

Copying Silicon Valleys Model

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I didn’t realise it but apparently I follow silicon valleys model of success . Apparently the model they use is about embracing failure as a part of learning. By accepting this they see each failure as the next step to success. Don’t see the point in worrying too much about my failures. They’re a part of life. It’s best to …

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Future Success Depends on past Lessons

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One thing I’ve learnt during my career in software development is that if you want to create good applications quickly there’s just no point in doing all the work yourself. It just takes too long to build up a decent framework of code from which you can then quicky create the necessary features you will need for now and for …

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Achieving your goals means being good at fixing mistakes

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I just had to write about this presentation I just watched by Jeff Hawkins founder of Palm computing on how our response to failure is key to learning how to succeed. The presentation is focusing primarily on business but to be honest I just feel it applies to life. I was lucky that in certain areas of my life, particularly …

Secrets of success in 8 words, 3 minutes

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I took these notes from the TED lecture given by Richard St. John The talk details are at http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/view/id/70 I have to say that when I look back I can say that each success that I’ve had owes a lot to the things Richard talks about. He put’s it so clearly and precisely I just had to note it for …