Does early success help or hinder later success?

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It is often assumed that great success in youth will translate into the same success in later years. Though I couldn’t help noticing that Gael Monfils won 3 junior slam titles in a row yet at senior level the closest he has come to winning one is reaching the semi finals of Roland Garros. Huge success at junior level had no effect on …


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How well you play has a lot to do with how well you stay within your own margins and how well you push your opponent beyond theirs. they idea is that with any shot there is a way you can play it reliably. That is your comfortable level. As you increase the difficulty through adding power, aiming to tougher targets, …

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Want to win: Pick your battles

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Sport reflects the competition inherent in life and picking your battles is the lesson we learn from watching Tennis. From Stanislas Wawrinkas recent success at the Australian Open to Novak Djokovics dominance over Rafael Nadal, through to Rafaels and Roger Federers ongoing rivalry. Each of these battles has been a series of campaigns with each combatant having periods of dominance …

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Strategy: Did you lose or were you beaten

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All top competitors hate to lose but they can accept being beaten. That’s how I see the general reaction from players like Serena, Federer, Rafa and others. If they feel they could have played better and might have won they are annoyed with themselves because they let themselves lose. If however they gave everything. That’s the best they could have …

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Adapt: Is there evolution in business?

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For me the answer is a definitive yes. The more I apply evolutionary principles in thinking about business the more I see it fits and the more I feel I understand business. It’s why I like capitalism. It’s a very harsh approach, which I don’t like, but then is’n’t natural selection. Natural selection is about competing for energy and essential …

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Funding education: A novel approach

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funding is one of those key things that underpin learning and teaching. In funding education, a novel approach I explain how you could use the latest payment approaches to fund new learning tools. Rather than apply for big grants and go through the related bureaucracy. In this age of empowerment you could just deliver a tool and provide cheap simple options to …


Shared knowledge and experience will make us free

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I just had a realisation on the walk to work that I just had to write down. It suddenly hit me that there is an interesting parallel between the role of DNA in our bodies and the knowledge and experience we share in our communities. DNA is essentially a massive encyclopaedia of knowledge about the building blocks of human life. …

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What I need to deliver a project well

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The main issue for me is always communication. Not just face to face but info about what occurs in meetings etc when I’m not around. Things like the project direction. this is often being discussed regularly among people related to the project but I have no idea what the outcomes were and whether I should adjust my project plans accordingly. …

Copying Silicon Valleys Model

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I didn’t realise it but apparently I follow silicon valleys model of success . Apparently the model they use is about embracing failure as a part of learning. By accepting this they see each failure as the next step to success. Don’t see the point in worrying too much about my failures. They’re a part of life. It’s best to …

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Achieving your goals means being good at fixing mistakes

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I just had to write about this presentation I just watched by Jeff Hawkins founder of Palm computing on how our response to failure is key to learning how to succeed. The presentation is focusing primarily on business but to be honest I just feel it applies to life. I was lucky that in certain areas of my life, particularly …