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Learn how you work

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Every day I am glad that I have learnt how I work


Life is about making the best of it with what you have but do you really know what you have and what to do with it? This is the question I started this journey with because I realised a simple truth many years ago. We are human our whole lives and have this fantastic being as our vessel but none of us really knows how it all works.

There is no manual to tell us how it works and no lessons at school either. Yet there is no second of my life that I will be anything but human so I thought “Surely it is worth the time learning what a human is and what humans can do with what they have. So I can understand my potential when my mind, body and spirit work together to achieve something”. 

Understanding how humans work helps you make better choices for a better life


This theory section is the result of that search and it is still being updated. It is not a perfect manual on how humans work merely my way of presenting the concepts and insights I have come across that have helped me and introduces you to people and places that have taught me so much. 

Learn how to recover

Everything I have learnt about life and living well revolves around managing the balance within:

  • your body,
  • your mind
  • and your emotions.

All the time we are out of balance in some way and this impacts our life. Our lifestyle also impacts this balance and better health comes from understanding how to restore our balance throughout the day given this Constance pressure on us.

Regular habits

We all have habits and permanent changes come from changing bad habits into good habits.

The practice section is concerned with changing our habits over time. This theory section is concerned with all the ways that our habits affect us. So we understand why our being responds the way it does and which habits would have the effects we desire. 

By understanding the impact of our lives on our bodies and its ecosystem we can learn to take better care of it. By doing the things we love and learning how to keep our balance at the same time we can then enjoy the very things that keep us healthy.

The overall idea is thus

how do I live well each day and not carry over any recovery debt to the next day?


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