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Learn how to make better life choices

I am forever grateful that I spent the time needed to learn how I work. My life has been better ever since

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Discover your true potential

Do you know what you are really capable of?

Humans are the most amazing technology in the world. My life long passion is learning about what we are capable of and how to put that knowledge into practice to do amazing things.

Back in In 2015 I proved to myself how far Fit2Thrive had come when I combined getting fit and healthy while having a fantastic time on holiday in Weymouth.

I had been building to this point for years studying all sorts of theory and finding hundreds of ways to apply the theory in practice. By this time I had a wife, child, job and all the trappings of modern family life. Traditionally this is when your health begins to fall apart because you have so little time and energy to focus on yourself that your health and often your happiness gets neglected while you take care of everyone else.

You have everything you need

The small things that you do every day can make the bigger things easier.

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Self development

An opportunity to put into practice all the learning and new habits you have been developing over the year

Problem solving

I have spent years learning how to apply theory and practice to daily life and I want to get you there sooner.

To help you solve the problems you face I have broken down what I have learnt in terms of theory and practice into a set of steps that you can use to get to your destination and solve the problems you face in ways that work for you.

This is how my approach is guaranteed to fit you better and better over time because you make it yourself and learn what you need to know as you go. You stop being tied to the experts and learn how to think for yourself. Making your own decisions to solve problems as they come up




Expand your mind


Expand your horizons

Turn habits that hurt into habits that heal

Living your best life comes from your daily habits. So, why not spend your year ensuring you are at your best when you experience the best part of it, your holiday,

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Live a life that heals you

Every one knows the basics of a healthy lifestyle but they struggle to do it and really to enjoy it. I’ve found a way to do both, so let me show you how you can do it too. 


Enjoy lifes moments

The memories we have of our holidays are determined by how we choose to spend that time.

Holiday adventures are good for you

The thing about life is that time is passing whether we like it or not and the only choice we have is how we spend that time.

Holidays are an opportunity to  combine getting fit and healthy while having a fantastic time.

I use them to make fantastic memories that last a life time but also have a lot of active, playful and fun.

Use holidays to put into practice all the learning and new habits you have been developing over the year. 

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Weymouth 2015

The jurassic coast

  1. Jellyfish and Castles
  2. Exploring Durdle Door and Portland
  3. Beach, sea life centre & Portland bill
  4. Swans and beaches
  5. Towers, Beach life, wet feet and more Jelly fish
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Porthcurno 2023

Exploring the Cornish coast

  1. Sand, sea and sightseeing
  2. Sun, beaches and rockpools
  3. Pedn Vounder Beach, Minack Theatre & Lands End
  4. Undersea cables, Penzance and searching for dolphins
  5. St Ives, epic rockpools and more beaches
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Live a Fit2Thrive lifestyle

All other approaches to lifestyle ignore who you are and the life you have.

So they cannot get you where you want to be with what you have. 

Fit2Thrive does

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