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In a world of abundance it’s our time that’s scarce

I’ve been reading so much recently about how new business models are being created around the idea of previously scarce things such as tv and music becoming abundant. So where once it was easy to charge for access to scarce content it’s impossible to charge for content that’s abundant. The market won’t support it.

It makes every one wonder what the new business model will be. For me I feel that it comes down to the one thing that’s truly scarce. Time. Each human has a limited time on this planet. What we each get to do with that time has limits for each generation. i see that each new generation expects to be able to do more with their alloted time than the previous generation. So the things you can really charge for are essentially around increasing the amount of time someone is on the earth. The health and fitness industries make billions selling this possibility.

Or you can help people get more out of the time they have. Get people where they want to go faster. Make their experiences more enjoyable or make it easier for people to get what they want.

So in a world where everyone everyone can learn. Tailoring learning to the person. figuring out how to give them what they want while also giving them what they need and making the experience more fun than others is an experience people are likely to pay for.

The other way of considering though is to think of how google did things. They connected peiple searching for things with those trying to get other peoples attention. They matched people as best they could and created organisation in the mess of search results. We trust google because their focus is on giving us the exact results we want given what they know about us. Advertisers love google because google shows their message only to relevant people and charge according to this.

For education I’d consider matching students with employers. start collecting a lot more information about people and use it only to help them. To find their perfect employer and vice versa. The money comes from the companies advertising for people and side products which users decide to buy such as extra storage or advice.

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