Is YOUR lifestyle set up for YOU to succeed?

I wanted a lifestyle that kept me healthy and happy by living in the right way. I did not know what that was so I set out to discover it.

I tried diets, fitness, lots of theory and practice and eventually I cracked the problem by finding a way of life that works for me.

Learning how humans work opened my eyes to my potential

Would you like to discover your true potential?

Through simple things like days out, holidays and hobbies I discovered how to explore my potential while having a great time too.

Where I live a life not a diet or a fitness regime but a fluid lifestyle that adapts as required.

To get you started I am first going to explain the background behind Fit2Thrive and what makes it so powerful. After covering these basics I will then show you how to apply these basics to real life and see the difference it makes.

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What is a human capable of?

I have been asking this question for over 30 years and what I discovered are secrets as old as humanity itself.

Inspired by our ancestors I made simple discoveries based around good habits, joined up thinking and living as a human.

We are what we are ,

We  have limitations and also incredible strengths.

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Join me on a journey

To get to this place was hard.

Far harder than it should have been and even now I see so much of what I learnt hidden from view and hard to access.

So it is hard for anyone else to tread the same path and have the same success.

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To discover a comfortable life

This is my attempt to help others achieve the health and future that I have achieved.

My approach teaches you more than how to manage specifics like your weight, energy or fitness levels. 

You learn how these areas work together with others to develop joined up thinking to understand your life as a whole.

Understanding yourself as a living organism and learning to nurture it and enjoy exploring its capabilities.

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Building joined up habits

A key lesson I took from studying high performers is that achieving a goal is about the habits that underpin success.  No matter what you are aiming for, all success comes from 99% effort and determination and 1% luck.

I found that to be true in every success I had and everyone I asked too. Therefore the habits behind success are key to getting your body, mind or spirit to do what you want.

I wanted to build habits for a lifetime not just for the fad I was working on at the time. Habits that, over time would complement each other and propel me towards my goals. 

A key requirement I had was to understand myself better over time and my habits should feed into this knowledge. Which is why I came up with my approach to building good habits.

Good habits come from applying Theory and experience to daily practice and learning from the results.

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Replacing bad habits

That harm and hinder

Before I learnt all this I had no idea how my life was causing my problems.

I was an overeater, playing gaming consoles all day

Eating an unhealthy diet with no vegetables or variety.

Chips with every meal

Watching too much tv and barely moving in between

With good habits

That nourish and nurture

These days I have learnt how to live my life in balance with who I am.

I found I can channel my over eating urges to chase taste and texture over volume

This clicked for me when I explored a wider variety of food.

I learnt that flavour came from variety and quality ingredients and discovered exciting new foods.

I have also come to love exploring my environment and getting out more to see what the world has to offer.

I still watch TV and play games I just have lots of other things to do as well and more friends to do all this with.

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You already have everything you need

I have achieved this through hard work and dedication and all through being a good student and finding the right teachers and you can too.

In this introduction I have built a simple short course designed to introduce you to the basic principles of Fit2Thrive that will help you unlock your potential in the same way that I have learnt to unlock mine.

It took me over 30 years to get to this point because back when I started the knowledge and teachers were very hard to find.

I developed the Fit2Thrive approach to make this process much easier and faster for others so that everyone can enjoy the benefits that I enjoy by helping others understand how they work and discover their own potential

Your humanity is your strength

You may feel average, but everyone has strengths and weaknesses

I have been lucky over the years to meet so many different people because it gave me an appreciation of the strengths different people bring to any situation.

These experiences showed me how many ways humans can overcome a challenge when they work with their specific strengths and weaknesses.

These people taught me that I am fine as I am as long as I learn to work with my strengths and accept my weaknesses.

If I am willing to do that then I can overcome any challenge. 

Ultimately I learnt that I am enough, 

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You need to understand your humanity

Humans are incredibly complex.

There is so much to learn to understand yourself properly.

There are a huge number of conflicting ideas that complicate things further.

Uncovering the truth from all this theory took me decades of dedicated work but in the end it has been worth the effort.

Over time  I found that I either won and overcame the challenge or I learnt something and gained a piece to the puzzle I was solving.

I found that the best knowledge could come from any where not just one place, sometimes western thought, sometimes eastern, sometimes a book, other times a friend


So you can learn how to use it

The only way to know if you really understand something is to put it to the test.

This is practice and over the years I have found theory after theory that failed in practice.

This is what experience is for.

I believe that you either win or you learn so when you fail in practice you do not fail in life as long as you learn something. 

What mattered was being open to different ideas and finding ways to test these ideas in practice to build the most complete picture I could.

Ultimately I had to learn how to blend theory and practice into a life I enjoy living

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Lifelong learning

Enjoy a lifelong journey of discovery and growth spent learning how to find balance and calmness in any situation.

Preparing you for what life throws at you.

To gain the life skills I needed it was necessary to commit to "life long learning"

A life where I practice applying theory on a regular basis to gain experience.

From this process I have learned to; heal my injuries, eat a well balanced diet full of natural ingredients, move throughout the day in a variety of ways

Theory and Practice

A little and often approach to self development is so important because I was on a journey turning theory into practice and the amount of information I was bombarded with on a regular basis was overwhelming. Much of it was contradictory and impractical so I had my work cut out just figuring out what worked for me and how to put the puzzle together for myself. 

So to help you understand all this information faster and better than I did I have broken the key material down into separate categories and levels


Expand your mind

Learn how you work

Theory covers topics about the human organism and its environment so you can understand more about how it all works individually and together. 


Expand your horizons

Use your time better

Practice covers topics around applying theory to the life you are living so that as you gain experience you will grow stronger and happier as time passes instead of weaker.

Live a life that fits you

The name Fit2Thrive has more than one meaning for me which is why I chose it because thriving in life is far more than achieving success in just one area. Thriving is about success in many areas including; having enough time, having fun each day, doing things you want to do not just those you have to do. 

Life is personal so it needs to be personalised in order to fit you and the dreams you have. So Fit2Thrive focuses on working towards your dreams and overcoming the barriers to your dreams one step at a time and one dream at a time. 

The first thing you need to think about is what your dreams are and which you should be working on right now. By focusing your mind on the future you want you get direction. That is when you start taking steps in the right direction.

Enjoy lifes moments

What kept me going on this long journey was joy. I was brought up to count my blessings because it teaches you to value what you have instead of what you do not have. It helps create a growth mindset where you build for tomorrow using the blessings of today. 

These blessings are little moments through the day that bring joy or some opportunity for growth. You may think you have nothing, I had very little, but we all get the same 24 hours and I started to learn to use moments throughout my day to take steps towards my goals until eventually I was running towards them. 

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Live a Fit2Thrive lifestyle

Now you know the basics about Fit2Thrive you are ready to learn about how to apply all this theory and practice to real life so that you can see it in action and see for yourself how it works.

The beauty of the Fit2Thrive approach is that you get good at achieving your dreams because your dreams and bucket list is what we focus on. So for me in 2015 my dream was to have the best holiday I could. We were going to Weymouth that year and I used the holiday to test how well my approach was working, how well it was preparing me for the life I want to live. 

So if you want to learn how to merge theory and practice in your daily life then join me there by registering using the form below, enter your email address and click the "get started now" button.


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Learn how to apply theory and practice to real life

All other approaches to lifestyle ignore who you are and the life you live.

So they cannot get you where you want to be with what you have. 

Fit2Thrive does

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