Developing a Growth Mindset with Carol Dweck

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If you have not heard of Carol Dwecks work on the Growth mindset then you are missing out. I learnt about the Growth mindset in my teens and I have been using it every since in just about every success I have ever had.

The principle is simple and in fact so is the implementation which is why it is one of the cornerstones to success of so many people not just myself. Whether or not people realise they are using this approach when you research spectacular performance and how great successes are achieved you inevitably encounter a tale of the “growth mindset”.

It appeals particularly to lifelong learners like me because the idea is really that through continual learning and essentially growth you eventually achieve whatever you set out to do. The beauty in this is that it actually works.

So I had to share this wonderful talk from the lady herself to make sure you have a little Growth mindset in your life.

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