Hidden adventures: Exploring Rushmere park

What do you do on holiday? Find places to play and places to eat right. And the places to play often involve plenty of standing walking carrying things. being far from food and water getting caught up in fun. Well what do you do during a normal working week? Sit down Get work done Have water on tap and no …

Exploring UK health with the Healthy Visions podcast from BBC Radio 4

health is made at home, hospitals are for repairs That is the synopsis of the 15 minute episode that I just listened to called A Health-Creating Society. I’m shopping for new podcasts right now because while I love those I already have I like balance and different view points. On the health front this was a breath of fresh air into …

Keys to weight loss: Smarter Goals

I’ve done a lot of soul searching recently, wondering about what I’ve achieved, what hasn’t worked out. One thing that stands out to me is that I’ve really embraced the principle of Smarter goals. As I’ve matured I’ve simply focused more and more on the principles of smarter goals in a sub-conscious way. Over time it’s become clearer to me …

Create your path: Invest in knowledge

If you want to create your dream lifestyle it’s really not that hard but it does take work and it is possible. You might think that the dream of a healthy happy life isn’t open to you but it is. For the same reason that a Lion doesn’t ponder its health as long as it just gets on being a Lion …

Playing for balance: The fun behind good health

Good health is about being happy because being unhappy affects you whether you realise it or not. I say this because health is always presented as something you get when you stop having fun and the fun only comes after years of suffering. Yet the truth is that it’s the opposite because the pursuit of health is the pursuit of …

What’s a stroke like and what can it teach us

Thankfully I haven’t had a stroke but this amazing video from ted.com gives an insight from a neuroscientist on how she experienced a stroke. Thankfully she’s fine now but her insights taught me a lot. This article first appeared as What’s a stroke like and what can it teach us

How to achieve success: 21 amazing lessons

Fitness isn’t just about running or lifting weights. It’s about learning how to succeed at something. What makes one person fit may make another unfit or unhealthy. So fitness requires the right mindset for success and over the years I have been compiling a list of inspirational talks and lessons on the mindset required for success. I haven’t yet had …

The pressure is good for you

The pressure is good for you

The pin came with an extra quote that I love “When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure” – Peter Marshall” [from pinterest compete] [checkout pinterest]

DNA: our Achilles heal

Back in 2009 I wrote this article on my previous blog but it’s as relevant to day so I’ve brought it to Fit2Thrive. I just feel I’ve made a small break through in my understanding of health and disease and the role DNA plays in it. It’s probably something really obvious that was explained to me years ago but I …

How to help natural killer cells fight cancer

This is a fascinating animation explaining natural killer cells. A crucial part of our immune system. What I notice from listening to it is the explanation of it’s role in fighting cancer. Specifically that most cancer creating cells are caught and neutralised within 24 hours by these killer cells.

Amy Clover: Strong Inside Out

  Today I listened to Amy Clover  with a very inspirational story but also an approach to wellness that I like a lot. One about focusing on enjoyment and accepting who you are. Not beating yourself up all the time to get to where you want to be. Learning to enjoy the process of gaining your health.

Cheap foods use sugar and fat to hide their lack of quality

We all know that in days gone by herbs and spices were used to hide the terrible flavour of rotten and poor quality foods. Have you ever realised that these days we do exactly the same but use sugar, salt and,  fat and their modified brethren instead