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If Brains are Computers, Who Designs the Software? – with Daniel Dennett A royal institution lecture

Oh my am I loving this lecture from the royal institute and Daniel Dennett. It is bringing to life so many of the thoughts and ideas I have had over the years of learning how humans work.

How the brain works is just such a fascinating topic and Daniel has taken a unique and engaging approach to presenting his ideas.

As usual this royal institution lecture teaches you so much. In a fascinating talk exploring the idea whether the brain is a computer Daniel takes use on a journey to discover what a computer really is.

Some of the things we discover include:

  • That language is a tool and our brains ability to intut language empowers us more than we often realise.
  • That neurons can omve and wriggle to find other neurons to connect with and create new links for information to flow does. Which shows that neutrons are alive and moving entities not static wires

Ultimately we learn that the the brain is a living organism which is constantly adapting by changing to fit the demands on it. So i is just like any other part of the body, evolving every day.  

I found this such an engaging lecture I wanted to share it if only to help others understand what our minds and bodies are capable of.

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