The Neuroscience of Memory – Eleanor Maguire

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In this engaging lecture the speaker Eleanor Maguire explains through demonstrations some of the peculiarities of memory to show that we often do not remember things exactly as they occurred yet we often believe we do.

I learnt a lot about human memory years ago at school and it has stuck with me ever since because I know what it is good at but also what it is bad at. I also learnt that everyones memory is different, not just the memories we store but our ability to store and use memories and it has profound a impact on who we are and how we live our lives.

I share this talk very much to give you a small insight into the fascinating world of human memory and what you learn from just one hour listening to a memory expert. I spent so many hours in the company of very knowledge pschology teachers and many more with books and other tools to uncover so many gems about our memory and what it can do.

I hope you enjoy this lecture and that it stimulates a passion for understanding that bit more about how you work.

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