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What is Heartburn and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease? (GORD, GERD, Acid reflux)

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A friend of mine ask me about GORD and I have to admit I had no idea what it is so after my friend explained what it is I naturally went and did a little research. Heartburn and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) according to is: Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) is a common condition, where acid from the stomach leaks …

Developing a Growth Mindset with Carol Dweck

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If you have not heard of Carol Dwecks work on the Growth mindset then you are missing out. I learnt about the Growth mindset in my teens and I have been using it every since in just about every success I have ever had. The principle is simple and in fact so is the implementation which is why it is …

What is consciousness?

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Who has not asked that question before right? I just noticed that I don’t have a post about consciousness yet I and am finding all sorts of articles about is as we learn more and more. So here I will log the interesting links I find because they are just so darn fascinating I want to be able to read …


Scientists Discover That Chromosomes Are Fluid

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Just WOW!!! After reading this article Scientists Discover That Chromosomes Are Fluid I cannot see genes and chromosomes the same again. Through these experiments, the scientists were able to see that the range of forces exerted naturally in the nucleus – for example by enzymes replicating DNA – is sufficient to substantially alter the conformation of a chromosome. This major …

Bruce lee quote "be water, my friend"

Bruce Lee shares how to find inner peace: Be water, my friend

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I was lucky many years ago that a friend introduced me to the teachings of Bruce Lee of martial arts fame. Hi martial arts success is not my focus as I am more interested in what he was able to do, particularly the speed and control he achieved but also the wide ranging philosophic teachings he had learnt and applied. …

DNA molecular model kit, USA, 1986. (kits; structures; molecular biology; genetics)

Mobile DNA with Cedric Feschotte on TWIV

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TWIV is short for This week in Virology and is a podcast I have been listening to for years. Hosted by Vincent Racaniello it covers any thing related to viruses and this episode with Cedric Feschotte specifically explore the latest research on horizontal gene transfer which Cedric is calling mobile DNA. Horizontal gene transfer is now considered a key part …

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Problems of regulation

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Problems with regulation and the diseases they cause The beauty is that moving around fixes this because it forces cells to regulate themselves properly and on a larger scale forces the body to manage itself properly. I added this short article in a rush to build on later as I wanted to make the point that movement forces out bodies …

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Brain health

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I have a ton of research and links on this site about the brain, mind, brain health, sleep and so many other things brain related but I do not have a central introductory post on the brain that acts as a starting point links to everything else. So here it is. Even writing this basic stub I notice how much …

Healthy human T cell


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Immunity is very much a hidden super power which we only really appreciate when we get sick. It is a shame because without our immune system working around the clock in every part of our body we just would not be able to survive. Most people know that their immune system fights off the common cold and basic infections but …

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Use your passion to get fit

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My tennis injury and my path to recover is an example of play, compete and create in action. My doing the thing I love by working with the competing demands in my life I am creating the body and life I have always dreamed of. My workout takes place in the open air of a tennis court with a bunch …

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Getting your 5 a day: x ways to eat an apple

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This article will show you how easy it is to fit an apple into your day. We all know we need more fruit but actually including it is where we often fall down. Rather than see the fruit as something extra you have to add, why not see it as an opportunity to indluge yourself. Most fruit is high in …

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Activity requires funding

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The need for daily activity is slowly becoming recognised. Yet government support for it is also quickly being shelved. This article implies that all we’ve built in the last few years about an active nation in the future is now being dismantled. What I don’t hear is the acknowledgment that successful physical activity requires investment like anything else. People think …

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In the Human Brain, Size Really Isn’t Everything

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I found this fascinating article In the Human Brain, Size Really Isn’t Everything – in the NY times describing research by a couple of brain researchers with a theory to explain why human brains are different from mammalian brains. It is not proven but it is fascinating to think about the reasons why we humans are that bit special. …

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Physical activity and children

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This is a collection of notes that I need to organise into an actual article so my apologies for jumping the gun and hitting publish too soon. I have left it published because I want these links available to any one who needs them. My education was pre internet and references like this just were not available and these days …