3 things a Genius gets right that we get wrong | Tim Sanders | Big Think

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Genius is so often treated the same as talent in that everyone seems to assume that a genius is born and everything a genius touches is amazing. The truth as always is far more complex than this and research has shown very clear, very consistent patterns that lead of results attributed to geniuses which really highlights that the spectacular results attributed to geniuses always come from hard work, effort and listening to others.

In this awesome talk Tim Sanders reveals that through his research he has uncovered 3 myths about geniuses that seem to hinder people from achieving their true potential and prevent them from seeing how truly spectacular results are systematically achieved.

The myths are :

  1. the lone wolf inventor
  2. the eureka moment
  3. the myth of the expert.

3 Myths of Genius Debunked | Tim Sanders | Big Think

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