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A different view on cholesterol

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I bet you think the debate about cholesterol and its damaging effect on health is settled. Interestingly it isn’t. It’s actually really interesting to hear the other side of the story, that cholesterol may not be as bad as it’s made out to be. In fact it may simply be a scapegoat in a much greater debate. I love reading …

Body Rhythms: Hunger

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Something I have noticed a lot is how our bodies have their own rhythm and sometimes the key to getting your body or mind to do what you want is to understand and learn to manage these rhythms. Take hunger for example. I find that’s controlled by rhythm, the time in my life that I have had a regular routine. …

Should we exercise our minds as we age?

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There seems to be a growing acceptance that the brain must be kept fit just like our bodies. For me it comes down to a standard principle that I feel humans and other species have to adhere to. Use it or lose. Basically every thing that you can do is something you’re body has to build and maintain during famine …

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Enjoyment is the way to go

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Adding enjoyment to my life is a main theme for me at the moment. I like to find a fun enjoyable way of doing whatever it is I want to do. Be it lose weight, cut down on red meat, whatever. The reasoning is that most of us, especially me respond most to things we like. If we have to …

Smarter Goals are key to successful weight loss

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This post has been reproduced at as keys to weight loss: smarter goals I’ve done a lot of soul searching recently, wondering about what I’ve acheived, what hasn’t worked out. One thing that stands out to me is that I’ve really embraced the principle of Smarter goals. As I’ve matured I’ve simply focused more and more on the principles of …

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Why are trans-fats so bad?

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The answer is very simple really. Trans-fats get a bad name because they are linked to the increased rates of coronary heart disease and many related risk factors. Coronary heart disease is caused at a basic level by the pipes of the bodies blood transport system, the arteries, veins and capillaries becoming less elastic, and more prone to blockages as …

Diabetes and Glut4

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Reading through wikipedia’s page on diabetes mellitus raised the question for me about whether glut 4 levels in the cells of the body correlate in any way with insulin resistance. Other posts on this blog have described a potential pathway for glut 4 to mediate insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake within cells. Lot’s of the articles I ‘m reading at …

How insulin allows entry of glucose into cells

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I’ve mentioned the crucial role of glut 4 receptors in previous post. I just came across a journal article which was able to explain how insulin allows entry of glucose into cells and it was via glut 4 receptors. This makes it clearer to me how exercise can directly influence risk of diabetes type 2. This form of Diabetes is …

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How much can we remember at once?

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When I studied memory during A level psychology I was fascinated by what we know about memory. I chanced across this article today  I like it because memory was initially presented in very simplistic terms. It’s nice to see extra levels being added that fit my experience of learning and using my memory. I agree with the concept that better …

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DNA as software: DNA is binary just like the base language in computers

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Ok, heres’s another thing that amazed me when I found it out. I probably learnt it years agon cos I just checked and found it called complementary base pairing which rings a bell to me. Going back over it I see that it’s effectively a binary code. Just like the code that runs in computers. What’s the point then. Well it’s …

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How does the brain work

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Just felt like sharing this amazing video from Jeff Hawkins titled “How brain science will change computing” from that really helped me form a stronger view on how my brain works. It’s also fascinating how the improvement of computers matches what we see with humans. We have more space to remember info and better connections to share it.

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How I think we learn: movements and other things

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To give you a quick insight into my view on the biology and psychology of learning I’ll focus on how we learn movements for sports. In explaining this I feel it offers insights into how we learn things generally. This concept simply sees movement as a product of the learning and shows how the two can be combined. Everything I’ve …

Shop yourself fit

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Wouldn’t it be great if the very act of doing something you love could make you fit and so you could acheve two separate things in one go. That’s something I’m always trying to acheive and when it comes to getting fit and healthy I consider it the holy grail. Well, talking to my wife yesterday we started to wonder …