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How to lose weight: Be active, keep motivated and have fun

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In other posts I’ve talked about the obvious, physical activity. It is key but I remember now that simple activity is more important. Keeping your mind and soul busy is as important as your body. That just means doing stuff. I often eat because I’m bored. When I plop down in front of the tv I always end up thinking of food. So when I’ve lost weight it’s because I’ve had stuff to do. Either I’ve been busy at work or home or both but I’ve had stuff to occupy my mind.

I still watch TV but I found it a lot easier to do other things when I listen to stuff so podcasts and radio were more helpful. It didn’t particularly matter what I did. As long as it didn’t mean I ate more of course. Just whatever took my fancy. Useful stuff like cooking, cleaning or DIY or fun stuff like going for a walk, playing tennis, visiting the cinema or reading a book.

The point was it was taking my life forward and adding fun. Activity became a useful and fun distraction. So often I would start a little lethargic. After a long day, all that kind of stuff and really quickly I would forget my tiredness and be immersed in what I was doing and happy.

Tell me what you are going to do today to have a little fun. I always like ideas. Most of all have fun 🙂

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