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How can you lose weight and be happy?

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I’m planning a series of articles on weight loss tips and weight loss resources. Something I’ve been researching for years. There is so much to say but of course so much has already been said. That’s why I thought I would start with something that seems to get forgotten. Happiness. Why are you trying to lose weight and particularly what will you gain and lose if you do?

The general message is that you can either lose weight or your can be happy. The two seem to be mutually exclusive and I don’t agree. I never have and it’s one of those burning questions I’ve had for years and now I feel not only have I found my answer but I can put it into words too.

Losing weight isn’t generally the challenge for most. Lots of people have lost all the weight they wanted, often even more. Yet they generally put it back on again. When they keep the weight off there are various explanations why but it’s ultimately a very personal set of circumstances. Great, that worked for them, but what about you. It’s easy to feel that it’s really down to luck. Some pick the right approach, or have the right support structure or right genes, other don’t. That’s how most people feel.

That’s not how I see it. I’ve been looking into this question for more than half my life and I’ve struggled for years to come to a clear universal truth, just like everyone else.

The simplest answer I can find is that if you are happy doing something you will continue to do it.Losing weight isn’t hard if you do the right things for long enough but whatever you do you must do it for life. So that means losing weight should make you happy, or better, being happy should make you lose weight.

I will return to the topic of happiness later. For now I just wanted to make this point. Give you an idea where I am going and a little more detail behind this blog. Happiness as its root. When achieving happiness also delivers health, weight loss and general balance we’ve achieved what I set out to achieve.

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