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Making colds and flu bearable

Over time I am learning that I can’t prevent colds but I can make them infinitely more bearable. All the main symptoms of cold that make them so difficult come not from the cold itself but the bodys immune system response to it. Essentially it’s the build up of phlegm and it’s removal that cause most of the aches and pains. Reducing the amount of phlegm is the first step. The next is making removal easy.

I do not have time to go into details so here is a summary of the points I have learnt that work for me so let me know in the comments below if they help you or not.

  • Fat: I eat more fat and lass sugar. Sugars hinder white blood cells.
  • Overheating: I really made sure I didn’t overheat the last time I had a cold. particularly my upper body and head. Since then it’s felt like it does with a cold but I haven’t had the same headaches
  • Eating: I eat well when I have a cold but this time I didn’t over eat. I think that limited the phlegm that was produced. I also have homely meals like chicken soup
  • Water: I make sure I don’t dehydrate.
  • Exercise: Most wouldn’t but I do. I keep walking, do housework and even play tennis. I only played once this time but I feel it can help get rid of phlegm from the system.
  • Nose: I wet tissues before blowing my nose. The lubrication stops the skin drying out and getting sore or bleeding.

With this approach I still get slight aches and pains but I’m rarely ill enough to be off work.

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