How I got control of my hunger: Simple tips you can try

View this post on Instagram Black cherries, double cream, m&s rich chocolate truffle sauce topped with fresh mint. What's not to like. Yummy breakfast!!! #fitfam #fit2thrive A post shared by Colin Chambers (@col_chambers) on Apr 29, 2015 at 11:35pm PDT Part of making food fun is banishing hunger. When I’m celebrating, say at Christmas, I want to eat what I …

Playing for balance: The fun behind good health

Good health is about being happy because being unhappy affects you whether you realise it or not. I say this because health is always presented as something you get when you stop having fun and the fun only comes after years of suffering. Yet the truth is that it’s the opposite because the pursuit of health is the pursuit of …

House of cards banner

House of cards: My thoughts

I love all the shows and I can’t wait to listen to the audio book (I don’t have time to actually read it :-)). I’m still getting to grips with how the US version ended in season 3. It wasn’t as clear cut and dramatic as the british version but I’m not sure that really matters. I still can’t wait …

Cheap foods use sugar and fat to hide their lack of quality

We all know that in days gone by herbs and spices were used to hide the terrible flavour of rotten and poor quality foods. Have you ever realised that these days we do exactly the same but use sugar, salt and,  fat and their modified brethren instead

Use grapes as a sauce for blackberry lattice pie

Use grapes as a sauce for a Blackberry lattice pie

I’m just trying to challenge your preconceptions. I’ve been looking for ways to spice up dessert and options other than cream. Creme fraiche is becoming a staple but I still wanted something else so I don’t get bored.

How I enjoyed christmas and got fitter!!!

The plan over Christmas was to really test Fit2Thrive by getting into the spirit of the holiday and at the same time use all the fun as parent workouts to grow stronger and fitter. A tough challenge  that I really enjoyed.

Parent workouts: Christmas lights switch on

Last weekend I had begun to fully appreciate just how much a special family moment can be a parent workouts because we were at the MK official christmas lights switch on which was1-2 hours of carrying the wee man. It may not sound much and you may wonder why the carrying is necessary but everyone was standing and had kids on their …

Parent workouts

So you are a parent, you have no free time on your hands, probably little money and you are always tired. Yet somehow some bright spark decreed that getting fit can only be done either 1) In a big building that you have to pay lots of money to enter and then do stuff that makes you sweat. You will spend …