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Low Back Pain

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I find Dr Mike Evans presentations excellent. Back problems often come when the infrastructure of the back doesn’t work as it should. This happens for many reasons and the fix is generally to do with getting the whole system to work in a coordinated fashion again. Mikes video is an excellent thorough intro that gives you the clear details you …

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How exercise improves Heart Disease risk

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The article challenges the standard explanation that high cholesterol levels are the main cause of heart disease. The author discusses alternative theories involving factors such as stress, inefficient healing and lack of rest, notably deep sleep as potential contributors. The author concludes that heart disease likely has multiple causes. Furthermore, cholesterol should be considered as a part of the body’s healing process rather than being the main cause of heart diseases. Overall, the author encourages a healthier lifestyle to prevent heart diseases.

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Managing Diabetes through Physical Activity

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At university, I learnt how much exercise can do for Diabetes, particularly Type II. Since then I have spent a lot of time researching further to really understand the topic. It just sounds too good to be true. The great thing is that all the evidence backs up what I learnt. Since then I’ve been searching for the best way …

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Obesity: What you can do

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Why is obesity prevalent now compared to 100 years ago or 1,000? and why is it also prevalent in the western developed nations but not less developed ones? The answer to these questions is wonderfully short and simple. Where obesity is prevalent two things have changed and completely disrupted the normal balancing act that the pre-existing cultures and lifestyles depended …